pictures from Plymouth CRAFT’s weekend

we had a basket-making class at Plymouth CRAFT last weekend.

I shot no photos, but Colin Hayward kindly sent me ones he shot during the weekend.

pounding the log for splints


pounding billets for splints, quicker – more wasteful


Martha peels one


it’s good to have help when you’re new at it
showing how to peel them apart


now it’s over one under one. mostly.


Some weave on the floor.
Martha & her rotten scissors
a typical Paula Marcoux Plymouth CRAFT lunch offering


Some basket-makers break out in song mid-basket…


each class has its ringer…
Marie always shoots a class photo after lunch on day 2


Meanwhile, there were two other gigs going on at the same time – Marie Pelletier shot these photos of Arraiolos Embroidery…

And the group photo from the 2nd session of Amelia Poole’s Shibori indigo dyeing

The joint was jumping – goin’ round & round. Next up for Plymouth CRAFT is our Greenwood Fest 2016 in June. whew. Better rest up.



5 thoughts on “pictures from Plymouth CRAFT’s weekend

    • I think they show up on the web, but not in the email. I had a couple of problems with those photos, but they work here on 3 devices on the web…sorry for the mixup.

      • Viewing on the Web. 2nd or 3rd attempt, on 5/4 and 5/5. All but the last 5 pictures do not load. I click on the place where the picture should be, and select the view image, and it takes me to a Drop Box error message page.

        Sorry you are having trouble with this Peter. Thank you for all the sharing you do.


  1. Sorry for the hassle, folks. It’s not worth spending any more time on…they were nice pictures, but you’ve seen much of it before. Pictures from my class at Roy Underhill’s coming tonight…and those will work fine.

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