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  2. Hi Peter
    I am making a box with a till loosely following what is in your book. It won’t be carved because I don’t have any carving chisels. I have question about the till lid. I didn’t read it in the book but does the back top edge need to be rounded to allow it to swing up?

  3. Hi Ralph – I think technically it doesn’t need rounding, but it always seems to help. I just take a couple shavings with a smooth plane top & bottom. sort of a slight chamfer…

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  5. Can you send me your phone number as I would like to tell you of an amazing carving that I found in a barn In eastern Pennsylvania.

    Much thanks

    Greg Huber

  6. Peter–

    Great to see you and Maureen are still working craftily and humanely . . . and beautifully!
    I’m inconsistently on line, and feeling more and more at home in 20th, rather than the 21st century. I probably miss some of my alter-egos in the 1620s too much. I have a brief message I would like to share, tho’ catching up a little would be good. Try me at 603-823-5965 when you have a few minutes. Like me, the phone belongs in the 20th c.; so if no one answers you won’t have to leave a message. But I’m “sheltering in place” (21st c. phrase) after dark, and rarely out during the day.

    I’m trying this message on an old email just in case.


  7. Hi Peter,
    What tools will I need in order to build a joint stool as done in your book?
    Thank You,

  8. Hi Peter
    If I could change the subject, I’m researching the Middleboro Ma Doggetts, Thomas and Simeon. If I remember, you have done research on Thomas Doggett in Marshfield. The brothers Thomas Jr?and Simeon were born in Marshfield and relocated to Middleboro in the 1750’s Both brothers are listed working as joiners working in Middleboro. I’m trying to get an understanding if they served an apprintship in Marshfield under their father Thomas
    tom whalen

    • Hi Tom – Hmm. Doggett doesn’t ring a bell, but it’s been a while since I studied Plymouth Colony joiners. I do remember the Littles in Marshfield and Robert Ford – but not Doggett. Sorry I can’t be of any help…

  9. Enjoyed your article in the Oct 2019 on making greenwood chairs. I have taken several classes back in the early 90’s from Brian Boggs when about 12 of us flew Brian to California and 12 logs to make chairs during the week long class. Over the years I have made 6 chairs and one rocker. Brian used (back in the 80’s) to be able to send me a log by UPS and I would break it down to make a chair. He is no longer able to do this due to his expanded business. Do you know on any resources in the US that can provide the green wood to make chairs for personal use either in log form of other form. Here in California the trees are not straight enough due the lack of rain that the grain is not straight enough

  10. Dear Peter,
    i like to send a great THANK YOU from Würzburg, Germany for sharing your fine knowledge and experience with the woodworkers of the world! Great! :)
    The Carving techniques are so well explained and illustrated! I had a great uncle who did carvings all the time when i was kid. I watched him hours and hours… :) I got some tools now and like to get into it on hardwood. Also my son is very interested.
    Let’s see, we also intend to build your manual pole lathe to get into this.

    I am just about to finish my first “real” workbench to get more into hand tools. I’m very excited… Here are some pics:

    So, go ahead with your great video series and have a great summer!

    Best regards

  11. Peter; Sorry to hear about the Lyme disease; I have had it 3 times since 2010. Hopefullly you are on an antibiotic as it does shorten the misery and generally does prevent long term problems. The more you research it the more obvious it becomes that “they” don’t really know that much about it. Best wishes on a full recovery. Doug

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