trip to Roy Underhill’s

barred owl
barred owl “Who cooks for you??”

Some photos from my trip down to the Woodwright’s School & Woodwright’s shop, aka Roy Underhill’s place. Always a highlight of the year. we had a 2-day spoon carving class during which I apparently took zero pictures. so just imagine that class…otherwise, just photos & captions.

one & a half desk boxes
desk box & 1/2 for the show


i was here before
I have a feeling I’ve been here before

After rehearsal, we stopped by the school & crashed Tom Calisto’s saw-making class.

one & a half saws
1 1/2 saws
saw handle
a saw handle getting refinements

At the mill, we had 2 days of spoons, then set up for hewing & carving bowls.

katy turns her back
Katy has seen it all before, so she turns her back on the work


ready for bowl class
bowls, tools, shrink pots & more at the workshop


spread out
out in the country, you can spread the action out…


js hewing inside bowl
Janet was a confirmed spoon freak, until she hewed a bowl


in town, at the school – with a spokeshave


school group
a school group came by, it felt like old times for Roy & me


boring shrink pot
boring out for the optional bonus shrink pot project


more boring
I prefer this type of auger – here Roy gives it a spin


big chips
these chips have some substance


I can’t wait til my shop looks like this again, except the mini-shaving horse


wren of carolina
the Wren of Carolina


5 thoughts on “trip to Roy Underhill’s

  1. Your lovely photographic views seems to be a mixture of a regular camera and that of an iPhone. I’m disturbed by the ones to peer to be taken by an iPhone when you certainly have the skill and ability to properly use a digital camera. F8 aperture locked in with with use of the automatic ISO and the automatic white balance should serve you very well to get detail in documentary pictures such as these. I certainly like a larger f-stop when doing portraits and want to use the bokeh effect of the lens for a painterly background. Please consider using adequate depth of field settings, automatic ISO and light settings with manual focus so that you are sharp on the main subject please.
    It was said over 150 years ago “Of what use is lens and light to those who lack in mind and sighy.”.

    • Disturbed? Really? first of all, I have a flip phone that has no camera. All the shots above were taken with a Nikon D300. Some were very low light, and I just fired away regardless. when I am teaching, I take little time in shooting or composing. When I am home by myself, I can take more time to get the shots I want. I do use an Ipad for shooting on Instagram. I hope that’s OK….

  2. I enjoyed the post, Peter. Your photos tell the story, regardless of whether or not every frame is in focus. I look forward to meeting you at Greenwood Fest next month so I can finally take part in the good times!

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