wainscot chests

joined and carved chest, 2010

Here is a joined and carved oak chest, with pine lid and bottom boards. This one is based on a group of period examples I have been studying since the early 1990s.  The originals were made by William Savell and his sons John & William in Braintree, Massachusetts, c. 1640-1700.  This group is a long-time favorite of mine; I make chests and boxes based on them continually.

H:  27″  W:  52 1/2″  D: 22″

Here is another chest I made, based on examples of another favorite; the carved works of Ipswich, Massachusetts joiner Thomas Dennis.

joined & carved chest, 2010

H:  32″  W: 49″   D: 21″

Prices for wainscot chests start at $5,000.  Additional options include a drawer/drawers below, oak lid instead of pine, etc.

4 thoughts on “wainscot chests

  1. […] Sunday, I’m doing a box making course in Box Hill. Ironic I know, it should be good, basic woodworking hand tool work with the benefit of someone who knows their stuff. I’m looking forward to the plane tips and going home with a box will be good. Im imagining something like this by Peter Follansbee […]

  2. Hello! Chests of beautiful and excellent quality, must be a manual work. I would like to know who some of the masters made the chest in 3d format, mean each side of 3D format. If I can here would offer many projects and plans for woodworking. Who needs to press https : //tinyurl.com/y96oolpm

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