2012 classes; carving & box-making

Recently I got a couple of questions about workshops and or classes I’m teaching this year…so here goes.

there’s just a few, and one is coming up soon – in April I’m headed to the Woodwright’s School to work again with Roy Underhill. The project is making a carved box, working with riven green oak.

carved box 2011

We’ll be planing the stock, learning a number of carving designs, then assembling the box using wooden pins and some handmade nails from Peter Ross. Peter is also making some hinges for us, or students can opt for a wooden type hinge. I’ll show both methods. The dates are April 17-20 -here’s the link. http://www.woodwrightschool.com/bible-box-not-w-peter-follansb/ If you’re interested, email Roy – it will be great fun.

In May I’ll be teaching a two-day class at Lie-Nielsen in Warren, Maine. How can you go wrong? A weekend in Maine is hard to beat. This one is about carving, we’ll explore in detail numerous patterns; how to generate them then how to execute them. It will be similar to walking through the two DVDs I’ve done with them – but I’ll be sure to have lots of different patterns to study and work from.  It will be my first time teaching a class there- but I can’t wait. Here’s the link for their workshops program – http://www.lie-nielsen.com/?pg=35   If you’re coming for this class, start practicing this posture for watching the demos –

workshop posture

Then in July I’ll be back in Maine for a week-long box class, this time at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport. This is also my first time teaching there; and having looked at the classes they offer and the instructors they bring it, I’m thrilled to be included.  See their course listings here http://www.woodschool.org/furniture-making-courses-programs/workshops

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

So let’s get moving – if I can fill these classes, then I get to teach more & more…


3 thoughts on “2012 classes; carving & box-making

  1. I’m signed up for the class at the Woodwrights School, and very much looking forward to it! Would you mind signing my copy of your Joint Stool book? :)

  2. I just signed up for the class at Roy’s school. It will be my first time at the facility and am looking forward to spending a few days with you (I’m bringing my book too)!

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