some bowl turning

I have been splitting & planing some red oak – but not at any joinery stage with it yet. In the meantime, I have been turning some bowls from the sycamore tree that I gathered some material from recently…

turning sycamore bowl


Here is a detail of the hook working the inside of the bowl. For someone used to turning furniture parts, it was quite a revelation that the action happens BELOW the centers!  Here’s a link to a photo of the hooks

cutting the inside


I always tell folks I am not a bowl-turner; but a joiner who sometimes turns a few bowls. It’s great fun, I have been using it as a warm-up exercise in the morning, then doing bench work afterwards… A few of the bowls. These will dry in the shavings until they stabilize. By then they will be distorted; just the way I like them.

For a real bowlturner, so see Robin Wood’s stuff.

4 thoughts on “some bowl turning

  1. Interesting that you turn “left-handed”, especially since you seem to do most other things right-handed. Any particular reason?

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