shop cleaning & blog update

First thing I do each year at work when the museum closes for the winter is to give my shop a complete cleaning/sorting and re-organizing. It takes a few days to really get it all done…today was day one.

Once I am done, then I will be really picking up things here on the blog. I have lots of interesting work to do, some to finish, some to start. Here’s two small boxes that I will finish this weekend, then a carved panel that I have underway. It will become part of my kitchen, a project interrupted for 4 years now…

2 small boxes, needing lids
new carved panel underway


On the blog, I have updated the features on the sidebar so that now you can subscribe to it via email. For those (like me) who are not RSS-feed-savy; this is a simple way to get notice that I have posted something new on the blog. You just follow the prompts, and sign up to receive the blog in your email. You can set it to arrive immediately, or at some designated time (daily, once a week, etc). If you would like to try it, look on the side menu of the blog. There should be a box near the bottom of the column that says “email subscription” or something like that… (Also, a reminder that in the same column there is a search function, if you are looking for something like “benches” “carving” etc…)

My intention is to keep up with the blog more regularly now that the museum is closed for the winter. I have lots to do, and hope to shoot a bunch of stuff in the shop. It will take me a day or two to finish cleaning & then I’ll be at it…


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