wood pile

Do you burn wood at home? How do you stack it? My friends at Plimoth posted a piece about the picturesque woodpiles in the recreated 1627 village there…these things often confound visitors, and Rick et al have given us the lowdown on how they came to be.

Something this incidental is a tough piece to research. Nice stuff.

Have a look. http://blogs.plimoth.org/rivenword/?p=2749




4 thoughts on “wood pile

  1. Excellent way to stack wood. Really uses space efficiently.

    I love the picture of the sisters going “hand to hand” up that ladder to stack their wood-rick.


  2. .

    Stacking like that in a conical piles and burning the same are two differing things, I’d venture, separated by a couple of years in seasoning time.
    You can’t burn wet wood.

    It appears to me that the conical stacks are more for the convenient drying of firewood in the open without taking up valuable barn-space, than handy storage ready for the stove.

    Again it’s inconvenient in use…you wouldn’t want to take your logs from the bottom and getting up to the top on a ladder in the cold and icy winter with the wind howling up your cassock is not a comforting prospect!

    Dunno about you guys, but I stack my firewood under dry cover as close to the house as possible to avoid carrying it about outside in the cold dark and wet winters.

    All Best

    Howard in Wales


    • Howard, somewhere we have a 17th-century quote saying just that – stack it near the house for use…I’ll dig it out when I get a chance. Rick has really hit on a topic with this firewood thing…

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