carved boxes, but not mine

One of the nice things about this blogging stuff is the connections with people from all over. I often get notes and sometimes photos of carvings folks have done after reading the blog or watching the DVDs. It’s always nice to hear people tell me that my work helped them understand the designs, patterns and methods to cutting these carvings. Sometimes at demonstrations, folks don’t believe me when I tell them it really is easy.  The other day, Peter Siwek sent me these photos with a nice note.  Well, I don’t know if it was easy for him or not, but his results are stunning. Look:

Peter Siwek #1

He sent a few. I love this one; I want to copy that pattern:

Peter Siwek # 2


Peter Siwek # 3

Staggering results. last one:

Peter Siwek # 4

NOW GET THIS:  what’s best of all – it’s in MAPLE.  He didn’t have access to riven oak, so tried kiln dried white oak. Then switched to maple! If you have heard me talk about timber before, you know I run from maple, except for turning.

So that answers some folks’ question, what other woods can you use. And I don’t have to try the maple – I can just tell them that it works. For some.

Another part I like is that these boxes are his own bag. Not everyone is nutty as me about 17th-century stuff; but my point about the carving is that it can be adapted to suit most any piece of flat wood. Heck, even not-flat wood, like turnings. Thanks to Peter for sending these along & letting me post them. Made my day. But I’m glad I don’t have to dust the lids!

This isn’t the dovetail post I mentioned last night. My back is acting up, so I stayed out of the shop today. Next time.

Meanwhile, many of you know I regularly read Robin Wood’s blog, but if you are new here then you haven’t heard me testify about it – here’s his link: = go down to the one about “life is a gym”

In that same vein,  have been enjoying Doug Stowe’s blog a lot again lately. In my case, (many of you also) he’s preaching to the choir, but I like to hear it. If you haven’t seen Doug’s writings, go now:



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