walnut high chair assembly pt 1

beginning assembly

I began assembling the walnut high chair the other day. Here I am knocking it together to mark the drawboring.

trimming pins

I pinned the rear section together first. These pins fall in a carved molding, so I wanted to trim them with a gouge instead of the usual chisel.

gouge for trimming the pins

Once I got the rear frame assembled, I started in on some fine detail trimming here & there. I want the tops of the rear stiles to blend into the shape of the crest rail; and this is most easily done as one unit, rather than in pieces. Here I am using a knife to bevel the shape.  

bevels on rear stile

The grip here is from spoon-carving; but applies here as well.

knife grip detail

I’m consciously going around all the edges & breaking them some with a chisel or plane; figuring the high chair will be around a while, and I wouldn’t want the children running their hands along any crisp edges. I usually “break” corners anyway, but in this case perhaps a little more than usual.

trimming edges

Today I have to put it down again, time to sharpen & pack for a trip to Saratoga Springs, NY for the Northeast Woodworkers Association’s Showcase 2011. http://www.nwawoodworkingshow.org/information.htm

I’ve never been to this gig, but have heard great things about it, Schwarz raved about it.  http://www.popularwoodworking.com/aug10/meet-%e2%80%98the-son-of-roubo%e2%80%99-next-weekend

I will be doing 2 demos both Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the area….maybe I’ll see you there.

2 thoughts on “walnut high chair assembly pt 1

  1. That chair is coming out beautifully.
    I wish I could attend the event in Saratoga Springs.
    Make sure to bring your camera.

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