some nearly finished joinery

applied moldings

Today I fitted the applied moldings around the panels and then cut & fit the seat on the wainscot chair. Here the chair is on the bench, with one set of moldings attached and the other to go… I liked the way the carved panels looked with the inlaid borders, but then adding the moldings really sets things off even better. This chair keeps surprising me with its deceptive sophisticaiton. Here’s another view or two.

carvings moldings inlaynearly done
nearly done


Sorry for the cluttered photos, the chair only needs some pegging, a little fine-tuning here & there and then some finish. I’ll shoot good photos when it’s done in the next week or two.

In between other things I have been finishing up a couple of boxes. This one is one of the test-pieces for the MFA cupboard I did not too long ago.

Needs a little more color on the bare wood & it’s done. Rose says it’s her favorite box of all of them, so I guess I know where it will end up.  (whoops – I see that I already posted this box, but at least this photo is slightly better…sorry for the repeat)

painted box

The next one is a carving I did during the shoot for the DVD. 

So this pattern will be among those featured in the carving exercises. It just took me a while to get around to finally make something out of all these carvings I have about the place. This now needs hinges and some finish…

new carved box

All this joinery is getting in the way of my spoon carving; but I have managed some time to go to the beach & the bay. here’s some recent views.

after the rain
seal Plymouth beach
mouth of the Jones River

2 thoughts on “some nearly finished joinery

  1. Yeah, the chair has really come together very well. I am going with Rose on the box, it’s ALL about the paint decoration, it turns a functional form into art.

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