Wille Sundqvist’s tools

I spoke to Jogge Sundqvist last week about the outcome of the auction of his father’s tools. I had asked him if I could post something about it – and he told me “of course.” The short version is – Jogge was able to save/rescue/preserve a lot of his father’s things due to the generosity of the “slojd community” – all of the wonderful people who responded when we asked for help. Thanks everyone, well done.

some of Wille’s carvings & tools

When I asked if I could post something, Jogge told me that Kara Gebhart Uhl from Lost Art Press had interviewed him & was going to write about it. I knew I would rather read Kara’s reporting on it than mine, so I didn’t even bother. If you want the full story, here’s the link to Kara’s post – well worth the read. https://blog.lostartpress.com/2021/09/02/the-outcome-of-the-auction-to-preserve-wille-sundqvists-tools/

2 thoughts on “Wille Sundqvist’s tools

  1. I have only recently become acquainted somewhat with the “green”woodworking community which I find very interesting. Reading about the efforts that had to be made to secure Wille Sundqvist’s tools and carvings was surprising given that he was someone who was so highly respected and appreciated around the world for his work. I guess although we live in a capitalistic society here in North America which does not usually favour those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, in a stuation such as this it might have been possible to secure much more of his tools and artistic pieces, possibly even without the necessety of going through the auction process.That said the eventuaL outcome as a result of the GOFUNDME Page is a real testament to those crafts people around the world who supported Wille’s son Jogge’s efforts to secure some of his fathers tools and carvings. Good for all of them..

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