Spoons for sale; first batch this year – SOLD OUT more to come

the combination of dark walnut & light birch is too confusing for my camera today

I just today turned the page on my calendar in the shop. That’s how ignorant I am of time this year. And I’m just getting to my first spoons of the year. I wrote about some of these the other day, the walnut ones in particular were carved from dry wood. The birch and rhododendron were carved in the more typical green wood. Not that it matters in the finished product. These are for sale, if you’d like one, leave a comment and I’ll set up a paypal invoice for you. Prices include shipping in the US. Flax oil finish.


Spoon # 1 – black walnut – SOLD
L: 11″ W: 2 3/4″

This & the other two walnut spoons here were leftover furniture stock, radially-riven black walnut hanging around in a corner of the shop.

spoon # 1 overall
spoon # 1 side view
spoon # 1 carved handle


Spoon # 2, black walnut SOLD
L: 11″ W: 2 3/4″

spoon # 2, carved handle


Spoon #3, black birch – SOLD
L: 10 5/8″ W: 2″

I found this black birch while I was sorting next year’s firewood. It was still sound, and when I split it open, still fairly green. Some nice radially-split spoon stock came out of it instead of firewood.

Spoon # 3 overall
spoon # 3 side view


Spoon # 4, SOLD
L: 9 5/8″ W: 2″

As soon as I started carving this recent batch of spoons, my wife brought home some rhododendron branches a gardener friend of hers had just cut…my favorite wood for spoons. And this is my favorite spoon of this batch.

spoon # 4 overall
spoon # 4 detail


Spoon # 5, rhododendron SOLD
L: 8 3/4″ W: 2 1/2″

spoon # 5 overall
spoon # 5 detail


Spoon # 6, black birch SOLD
L: 9 1/4″ W: 2″ +

Most every batch of spoons I carve has one (or more) of these – a weirdly impractical spoon shape. From the side view, this could pass as a normal spoon. But it had both a crook and a bend. I just followed it.

spoon # 6 overall
spoon # 6 top view
spoon # 6 side view


Spoon # 7, rhododendron SOLD
L: 9 3/8″ W: 2 1/2″

spoon # 7, top view
spoon # 7 carving detail


Spoon # 8, rhododendron SOLD
L: 7 1/4″ W: 2″

spoon # 8, overall
spoon # 8 carved handle


Spoon # 9, black walnut SOLD
L: 12″ W: 3″

spoon # 9 overall
Spoon # 9 carved handle

19 thoughts on “Spoons for sale; first batch this year – SOLD OUT more to come

  1. Spoon 7 still available? If so, I would like it.
    No shipping – I can stop by, or you could come see my new digs!

    • Sorry it took me a while to get to this Jon. Rhodendron is my favorite because of a number of factors. It often grows very nice crook shapes that are ideal for the curve of a spoon. It’s a great combination of hard & soft, sort of right in between, that makes it easy to cut, but still strong. Doesn’t grow too large, so it’s often just the right size to work with. An all-around wonderful wood for spoons.

  2. Hi Peter! These are lovely indeed! I was wondering (and searching the block backwards but unsuccesfully) – how do you decorate the handles? With chisels (while holding the spoon in a vice?), just like your other carving or do you carve it with a knife?

    • Andrej – The way I carve the decorations in the handle is hard to photograph, which is why you can’t find it on my blog. I use gouges just like those for furniture carving, but of course very narrow. And no mallet, all hand-pressure, holding the spoon in one hand, and the gouge in the other. It’s extremely difficult, one slip & the gouge would be in my left hand. Another reason I’ve not photographed it, it’s hard to teach this technique in photos. I don’t often even show people in person..but I always keep in mind – where is the tool headed, and what’s going to stop it. Usually the heel of my right hand will bump up against either the spoon, my left hand, or the bench to stop the forward movement of the cutting edge. Whew. Long answer.

  3. Hi PeterI’d like spoon number 5 or as an alternative  number 8, if one’s still available.ThanksJames Allen ParkesSent from Samsung tablet

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