Snowed, so I had fun…

Very little woodworking tonight. Some pictures from this week thus far. 

When you have 2 young kids in New England, there should be snow in winter. Took a while this year, but we got it. 

snow sample



The river’s been full of slush and ice floes for 3 days. Maybe tomorrow we’ll see ducks. 



This is where I have done a lot of my work since June of last year, there’s 3 long benches there, for working at & on…but you can’t see ’em. Beside the stump is a large pile of hewing chips, and I think some bowls under there. 


A stake-legged bench, shot it just for Chris. One of 5 or 6 in the yard. Range in height from 12″ to 20″ – lengths from 15″ to 5′. This is a small one the kids use for something. 

stake legged


I’m trying to learn sparrows this week. It was great, for 2 days, not an English sparrow in sight.

lbjHouse finch. 

house finch


a lead-up to a great leap of faith – that there’s no logs under there! 

about to leap



Earlier, I had shoveled the car out, even though I hope to go nowhere in the near future. All that work gave the kids a great place to play. 

heap o snow

top of heap

rose heap


Inside, I got to catch some more winter light. Our napkin holder. 

chip carving



I shuffled some stuff around earlier this week, and before it all went to wrack & ruin, I shot this chest of drawers I made back in 2003. 

cod 2003


My mother’s clock. Inside the covered pot is a slip of paper with a quote from my mother “Oh, dear, bread & beer; if I was dead, I wouldn’t be here.” But it’s not really true…



Here’s where I have carved spoons since the snow fell… with a view of the river & feeders. 


indoor work area this week


The big fish eat the small fish. Late day visitor to the yard, one of the local red tail hawks. 


redtail in sun


7 thoughts on “Snowed, so I had fun…

  1. I love your woodwork and sense of humor, i love your loving family life and I love your birding. Thanks for being you.

  2. I’ve never really seen snow so I enjoyed your pictures very much.
    The chest you made is amazing. From harpsichords I know they loved color in the 17th century. If you have pictures of furniture you’ve painted maybe you can include them on a future blog.

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