a few carving projects underway

carving a box front
carving a box front


I’ve worked on a bunch of carving this week; here I am carving a box front. This is the same pattern I used on the box I did for an article that appears in the most recent issue of Woodwork magazine. (#115, Spring 2009)

I have a few sample carvings to work up for the cupboard restoration that I am working on; that piece will have a lot of painted decoration, and I want extras so I can practice the painted parts. This one will also be a box front, if it survives its painting.

practice carving
practice carving
carving detail
carving detail
The picture below is the door for this cupboard, test fitted together. I carved this panel twice; and now I have it about how I want it. When the science people finish their samples and microscope work, I will get out some brushes and then it’s polka dots, squiggles and more.
cupboard door test fit
cupboard door test fit

2 thoughts on “a few carving projects underway

  1. Dear Peter,
    I am filled with respect and admiration towards your research and your work. Thank you for making it so accessible and enjoyable. You mention Woodwork magazine. I had mourned its loss, in error it seems. Is it possible for you to provide an updated address of the publisher?

    Thank you,

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