Splitting & planing video

new red oak log

First off, my thanks to my friend Rick McKee https://www.instagram.com/medullary_rick/ for helping me at Gurney’s Sawmill last week – we picked out & split up a red oak log & hauled it home. Now I’m back in the thick of planing stuff for the cupboard I’m building. I shot some video & photos there & here at the shop, showing how we split it, then how I choose & plan one of the pieces…

There’s noise at the sawmill (imagine that…) and wind like crazy here, so some caveat emptor with this video. There’s more in the works.

7 thoughts on “Splitting & planing video

  1. Hi, Peter,

    I’ve been looking all over for some of those skinny splitting wedges, but no joy. Have you got a source, or do I just have to keep my eyes peeled on ebay and the like?


  2. WOW. Wish I had access to wood like that. You made that look so easy, and quick too. Sure that isn’t some kind of black magic ? Always enjoy watching your work.

  3. Thanks so much for all of your videos. Very well done!

    And that Lucian Avery starting wedge does work wonderfully!!!

  4. Hi Peter,
    The timing of this video was great! I was able to get my hands on some recently felled red oak logs. I quartered them to get them home, and now I’m wondering what the best way is to store them. I have no immediate project to use them for.


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