birds not wood

cedar waxwing


Well, I warned you. It’s nearly May, so that means migratory songbirds. Today I got to go out for a bit of birding, and Monday is my annual trip to Mount Auburn Cemetery, a famous birding spot. , Soutwest winds called for between now & then. hope it brings the birds up…

This waxwing was among a flock of about 20 that stayed in my yard all day eating apple blossoms. If that means no apples, I can handle the program. I can buy apples, but I can’t buy the sight of waxwings – always one of my favorites. They are the first bird my mother & I ever ID’d from a guide, when I was about 10 or 12 years old… I still have her copy of Peterson’s.

I was watching a ruby-crowned kinglet when a large shadow ran over us; I looked up & found this osprey fishing (unsuccessfully)


Just so there’s some woodworking involved, here are a couple of spoons I finally finished not too long ago. Cherry. These are about 10-12″ long.

cherry spoons, Apr 2010

6 thoughts on “birds not wood

  1. Great, now you’ve got me looking outside for songbirds! As if fantasy baseball didn’t already cut enough into any productive time at my house…

    Hey, thanks for posting Peter.

  2. AND YOUR GOING TO A SPOON MAKING CLASS THIS SUMMER????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. I especially like the little star punch on the spoons. Check out also Jonathan’s spoons site, he makes them in PA somewhere.

  4. Beautiful spoons, Peter. I can see by the grain in the bowls of the spoons that you carved them from branch crooks. Love them.

  5. I love that little cedar waxwing and your spoons look GREAT! Did you see Robin Wood’s latest post about making a BowlMate? Pretty cool. I’m planning to make one to take to Drew’s this summer.

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