More of Alexander’s tools for sale. Some pricey fancy stuff, some basic stuff. Some in between. Let’s order them through the comments, so we can all see if anyone has hi-hosied a tool….check or paypal. Any problems, return the tool to me for a refund. No questions asked. OK let’s get this show on the road, as Red Auerbach used to say.



Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels, 4mm – $20  –  TWO SOLD, EIGHT LEFT

these are very nice mortise chisels, JA used this model for classes in post & rung chairs. This chisel was for chopping slat mortises. Essentially a strong 1/8″ – there’s 8 available. Like new, these seem to have not been used…

goldenberg 4mm mortise

goldenberg 4mm details


Jointer plane, $45   – SOLD

I”ve misplaced the dimensions of this plane. I patched the mouth, it had an earlier patch that had warped & come loose. Also added a strike button, one was missing. I left the button quite proud, you could trim at will. It’s around 22″ long if I remember correctly. No name.

jointer overall

jointer hickory plug

jointer patched mouth


Marples mortise gauge, $30.  – SOLD

Great shape. long pins still. Ready to strike many lines. Single pin on one side, doubles on the other.

marples mortise gauge


Freud mortise gauges, $10.   – SOLD

What can I say? Don’t these people make tablesaw blades or something? Qty 3.

freud mortise gauges


Marples cutting gauge, w plastic thumbscrew. $15   – SOLD

the plastic seals the deal for me. but it works…

marples cutting gauge


Stanley transition plane, #26.      $25   – SOLD

I don’t have enough of these to burn them like Patrick Leach, so someone must want it. It’s in good shape.

Stanley 26 transition


Box o’ tools:   ???  –   BIDDING STARTS AT $60

Let’s have some fun. Now & then I hit a box like this:

box o tools 2

To go in & photograph all this, itemize it, research pricing, etc is too much effort. As it is, I was up past midnight the other night! So while I don’t want to do bidding, auctions, etc in general, let’s try it for this. Whoever leaves the highest bid by Saturday night, 10pm eastern time, gets this box of stuff. There is some real good stuff in there…I dumped it out & shot the bottom of the pile. So you get these two views to judge by.

box o tools


Spokeshaves, # 151. $20   – SOLD

Found two more 151 spokeshaves. Both flat-bottoms.



Stanley 152 spokeshave, $30

Older, lower handles.

stanley 152 spokeshave

152 detail


You liked the JA line of  “ersatz” tools. Here’s some more, they get pretty weird.

JA-made mortise cleanout tool, $20

These are like the mortise cleanout tools sold the other day – but for joinery mortises, not chairs. So these fit a mortise 5/16″ wide to scoop out the frass at the bottom of the mortise. Made from Japanese nail pullers, I think.

JA made mortise cleanout joinery


JA-made scrapers for chair slats, $10    FIVE SOLD, SEVEN LEFT

I think these are shown in action in Alexander’s video version of Make a Chair from a Tree. They are made for scraping the final surface on chair slats. There’s 12 of them. They really work. An ersatz tool that I actually liked.

chair slat scrapers


JA-made chair slat mortise chisels, and mortise cleanout tools. $5 each.  – THE TWO CHISELS ARE SOLD, THREE CLEANOUT TOOLS SOLD, ONE LEFT

These are made from plumbers chisels, I think. (JA CORRECTED ME, MASON’S CHISELS…)  The two chisels are 1/8″ and the cleanout tools are just OVER 1/8″ – so might not fit the matching chisel…hmmm. JA went wild with these tools, often raved about the steel.

plumbers chair tools


Here are the leftovers from the other day…

Columbus hatchet. $250: When we started selling JA’s tools, I got asked a lot, “will there be hatchets?” – and always said “no.” – So now I’m a liar. Sort of. Here’s the onliest hatchet I have seen in the first 2 shipments. Well, except for one I kept for the kids. A very lightweight, thin hatchet. NOT single-beveled. Marked “Columbus 1940” with a hand holding an egg. You can search for the story about Chis Columbus setting an egg on end…. Drew Langsner told me this hatchet came from the same stash as our favorite Fuchs hatchets 30 years ago through Woodcraft… what this hatchet might be good for is open to interpretation. Drew suggested pig butchering. So. No apologies re: pricing. You won’t find another, I’d guess.

columbus hatchet

columbus hatchet overall

columbus hatchet shape ————————

Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels, 8mm. $20 each            SOLD

While we’re at it, here’s more Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels. 8mm, which amounts to 5/16ths for the rest of us. Thus, just what JA & I wanted for joinery work. There’s 7 in the photo. Might be more later, I can’t tell

.stanley mortise 8mm

stanley mortise 8mm detail


Stanley #12 veneer scraper, $70   -SOLD

I couldn’t find any mark except the # on this one, so I wrote to Chris Schwarz. He pointed me to Patrick Leach’s site… there you can read everything there is about this tool. 12 scraper overall# 12 scraper detail


Ulmia smooth plane, 48mm. (#2 of 2) $70. 

Like one that sold below,  just a little more use. Still borders on new condition.ulmia smooth plane # 2

ulmia smooth plane # 2 sole————–

Leg vise screw & nut, $80.

The screw is 2″ in diameter, and about 20″ long under the head.

.leg vise screw & nut

leg vise screw & nut detail


Reamer # 1,   $80. 

Not your Windsor chair reamer, it’s a big ‘un. Wheelwright’s tool perhaps. Over 17″ it tapers from 2″ to 3/4″. Nice & tight eye.

reamer # 1 overall

reamer # 1 side view—————————

reamer # 2, $80. 

A tang end, instead of the eyed version above. Tapers from 1 7/8″ to nothing over 13″.

reamer # 2 overall

reamer # 2 tang——————————-

Dutch smooth plane, $85.   -SOLD

Never used at all. Double iron. 9 1/4″ long, 2 1/2″ wide, with a 2″ iron.

dutch smooth plane

dutch smooth plane sole——————————-

(#2) Wooden brace & bit, $130. 

This one has a smaller bit, with a flat tang. Might be 3/8″ – I forget.

wooden brace 1

wooden brace 1 head

wooden brace 1 bit

wooden brace 1 bit & tang——————


1913 set of Russell Jennings auger bits, $175  – SOLD

This batch is one-bit shy of all original. Alexander replaced one missing bit. The box tells the story. 100 years old. The set goes up to 16/16″. Stupid me, I forgot to count them, but it’s full, I know that. A ding on the box, otherwise great condition. jennings set

jennings note 1913

jennings box

jennings bits detail ————————

JA-made drawbore pins, set of 4 for $60.   ALL SOLD

Jennie Alexander went to great lengths to create “ersatz” tools as she described them. Back when we studied joinery, there were no Lie-Nielsen drawbore pins. Old ones were unheard-of. JA went to Sears, bought a slew of 5/32 alignment pins, and fitted shaved wooden handles to them. Lots of them. I have more than I can use…so we have 9 sets of 4 pins each… drawbore pins detail

drawbore pins ————————

Marples 1 1/4″ chisels, $15 each.   FIVE SOLD, ONE LEFT

I think there’s 6 of these. Length is about 10 3/4″/. Some have had slight use, might need some cleaning. Nothing major. Sharpen a little & off you go. I’m told you can get the plastic handles off, and make wooden ones. marples blue handles ——————————-

Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels, set of 3. $45  -SOLD

Sizes include 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. Overall length is about 11 1/2″. The 8mm was used some, but the others never. set 3 stanley goldenbergs top view ———————


Marples firmer chisels. 38mm 32mm. $25 each -BOTH  SOLD

I forget what size these  translate to. One thing to know is that Alexander has ground a hollow in the backs of these, mimic the hollow on Japanese chisels. It was a phase. The bottom photo shows it as a very bright spot… marples firmers wide marples firmers backs——————–

Marples firmer chisels, 1″ and 1/4″; $30 each.             BOTH SOLD

These the backs are not modified. marples firmers intact——————————


Ulmia smooth plane, 48mm. (#1 of 2) $75   – SOLD

Our long-time favorite smooth plane. This one has seen very little use. JA did knick the sole beside the cutting iron; another idea she borrowed from Japanese planes. Does not harm the function. some think it helps. I imagine you see no difference on this plane. Just about like-new. Ulmia smooth plane # 1

Ulmia smooth plane # 1 sole


Stanley #65 marking gauge, $20 each. 6 available.   – SOLD. 

A nice simple gauge. Brass wear strips. JA sometimes bored a hole in the rear end of the beam for a pencil. Not sure if any of these are done that way… stanley 65 marking gauges

stanley marking gauges detail——————–

Stanley and Record #151 spokeshaves. $20 each  – SOLD. 

Four available thus far. there are more later. These are all flat-bottom examples. Bright colors. If only there was a white one…Order one of these & I pick it for you. My kids would say “you get what you get & you don’t get upset.” No color choosing. 151 spokeshaves detail

151 spokeshaves—————————-

Record # 151 spokeshave, round bottom version. $20.  SOLD

in crazy looking silver color. 151 round bottom spokeshave 151 round bottom overall————————–

JA-made slat mortise chisels. $25 each.   SOLD

Back when the book Make a Chair from a Tree was new, these are the types of mortise chisel Alexander used to chop out the mortises for the back slats in the post-and-rung chairs. These are made from either files or plumbers’ chisels. About 1/8″-3/16″ thick. JA made the thinnest slats on Earth. JA made slat mortise chisels

JA made slat mortise chisels detailHere’s a chair & slat detail:

JA chair

JA chair slat detail

Which leads to the next tool, the slat-mortise clean-out chisels. Another JA-made tool. It’s a long story, but the slat mortise is a lot more demanding than mine in joinery. The slat, which has no shoulder, needs to reach all the way to the bottom of the mortise. Thus no messy bits down there. This hook tool goes in & removes the chopped-up bits & levers them out. Only Alexander would make this tool…

slat-mortise cleanout chisels, 3 available with handle, $25 each; HANDLED ONES SOLD

two available as blade only $15.    SOLD

JA made slat mortise cleanout tools

JA slat mortise cleanout tool details——————————-

wooden bodied spokeshave $50.   – SOLD

You can see the details. Brass sole. Plenty of blade remaining. Nice one.

wooden spokeshave reverse wooden spokeshave

wooden spokeshave blade detail————————–

Marples 1/8″ chisel, $25   SOLD

Ideal for all the dove-tail-ers out there. Made in England.

marples 1 8 chisel

marples eighth inch detail———————-

Stanley #750 chisel, 1/4″. $25   – SOLD

I bought Lie-Nielsen ones a year or two ago, or I would have kept this.

Stanley 750 chisel—————————

wooden brace & spoon bit, $150 – SOLD

If your name is J. F. Duncklee, you should snap this up…

I think the spoon bit is about 5/8″ – a size often used in chairmaking. Nice detail where the head rotates on the stock, thin metal plates keep it from wearing down. Bottom photo shows a small check, doesn’t feel weak…

wooden brace 2 name

wooden brace 2 overall

wooden brace 2 head

wooden brace 2 head detail

wooden brace 2 crack————————

80 thoughts on “TOOLS FOR SALE – JANUARY

  1. I’m interested in the wooden brace and spoon bit (just so happens my name is J. F. Duncklee), the wooden bodied spokeshave $50 and a stanley marker. Not sure how to order.

  2. I’d like the set of 3 Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels for $45 and the Record #151 round bottom spokeshave for $20. First time ordering, so will need instructions re payment etc. Thank you.

  3. Hi Peter, I would like the Marples 38mm chisel, a slat mortice cleenout tool, with handle, and marking gauge. That is $25, $25, and $20, let me know how much for shipping.


  4. Hi Peter,
    I’d like a set of JA-made drawbore pins, a slat-mortise clean out chisel with handle and a JA-made slat mortise chisel.


  5. Peter – Brad from Victoria, B.C., Canada. The 2 CDs arrived just after Christmas. thanks.
    I would like the following
    – 1 x Marples 32mm firmer chisel – $25.00
    – 1 x 1 1/4″ Marples chisel – $15.00
    – 1 x cleanout chisel(blade only) if available – $15.00
    Total – either $40.00 or $55.00. Please let me know the total incl postage.

    Many thanks


  6. Good morning Peter~

    I think there are still a couple sets un-called for, so I would like a set of drawbore pins as well. It would be an honor to use a set of drawbore pins made by JA. I commute through Baltimore everyday, and think to myself how amazing it is that she worked right there off of Light street, and I was born just a few years too late to not be able to take a class there~

    Thank you~


  7. Hi Peter,

    Happy New Year! If any are still available, I’d like a set of the drawbore pins (can’t have too many, right?) and an unhandled slat cleanout tool. God help me (and save me from my wife!), if you still have the Jennings set, I’ll take that, too. Mine are all mangled and half are bent…but what do you want for $5 yard sale finds!

    Thanks so much!

  8. Good morning again Peter,

    I’m not sure if I was able to get one of the ‘handled’ slat mortise clean-out chisels, if not i’d like the last unhandled one if still available.
    Drawbore pins-$60
    Slat mortise-$25
    Slat clean-out-$25/15
    Thanks again,


  9. Good Morning,
    I will take the last two #65 marking gauges and two 1 1/4 Marples chisels if they are still available.
    Don Bass

  10. I’d like one of the Marples 1 1/4″ chisels and a Stanley #65 marking guage, if there is still one left.


  11. I would like the …Ulmia smooth plane, 48mm. (#1 of 2) $75 (the one with the nick by the iron). If it is still available, Thanks!


  12. Hi Peter,

    Lets try again,
    JA-made mortise cleanout tool, $20
    JA-made scrapers for chair slats, $10
    JA-made chair slat mortise chisels, and mortise cleanout tools. $5 each.
    Spokeshaves, # 151. $20

    Thanks again,


  13. Peter
    I can use the 3 Freud mortise gauges, the Marples cutting gauge, the 2 #151’s, and the 5 8mm Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels,
    thanks, Ed Lebetkin

  14. Peter,

    In case I wasn’t real clear, and I wasn’t, I would like one of each
    JA-made chair slat mortise chisels, and mortise cleanout tools. $5



  15. Hi Peter,
    If possible, I’d like at JA made mortise cleanout tool, a JA made slat scraper, and one of the JA made slat mortising chisels. Some other stuff is tempting me, but perhaps I should stop there,
    take care,
    John Dilsaver
    Sparta, MO

  16. Peter:

    I’d like 1 of the Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels, 4mm – $20. It would be great if you could package it up w/the set of 3 mortise chisels I selected yesterday and the spokeshave.

    Thank you, Steve

  17. Peter, I would be very happy to take that jointer plane! have been hoping to come across a wooden one soon.
    – Jonathan

    • Peter~

      Also, if it would not be too difficult, perhaps you could package the Jointer with the Drawbore Pins from the other day? Both for shipping, and invoicing through paypal. If you can’t, no worries~


  18. Jennie here
    With a slight correction. the 1/8″ + slat mortise and clean out chisels are modified Dasco Mason’s Plugging chisels not plumber’s chisels.
    Never fear. They are good metal.The price is right. The post and rung chair scrapers is nifty also. You can even resharpen the scraper’s edges.

  19. Carl Larsson wants two of these
    Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels, 8mm. $20 each

    • Please state an address to which I can post the paypal payment . Or is this too late; what did I miss?

  20. Peter, i would like one of the JA-made mortise cleanout tool, $20, second from the top w/the brass ferule and one of the Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels, 4mm – $20.



  21. Peter,
    I’ll bite on one of the 4 mm Stanley Goldenberg mortise chisels and the Dutch Smoothing Plane.

  22. Hiya Peter:

    I’ll go for the last of the 1/8″ mortise clean-out tools (@ $ 5.00);

    one of the J-A made mortise clean-out tools -WITH ferrule, please ( @ $ 20.00);

    and also one of the 1/8″ Goldenberg mortise chisels (@ $20.00)

    How do I pay ?

  23. First time I have looked at the tools being sold. Peter, you make the selling of the tools look easier then it is. JA and I have almost made it to the back room of the shop.

  24. Mr Follansbee,

    I am wondering if you post to Australia. I am interested in the wooden vice screw for $80. If you are sending tools around the world would you be able to tell me how much postage and handling will be please?
    Many thanks,
    Bradley van Luyt

  25. I’d like to add a 4 mm Stanley mortice chisel if there are any left!


    BTW, as an infrequent eBay seller, I know how maddening packing these boxes can get. It can eat up an entire day in a hurry. I appreciate that you are taking the time to do this! I feel like I’ll be owning a piece…er, several pieces…of woodworking history :)

  26. I want to voice my appreciation for your kindness supporting folks who require assistance with this important concept. Your real dedication to getting the message throughout turned out to be exceptionally interesting and have really allowed women just like me to get to their aims. Your personal important facts entails much a person like me and much more to my fellow workers. Best wishes; from each one of us.

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