Teaching Schedule 2018

Well, now that 2018 is well underway, I am finally getting around to posting my teaching/travelling schedule. There’s lots of gaps here still…I’ll teach some more at Bob Van Dyke’s Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, but just haven’t worked out the schedule with Bob. Same is true for Plymouth CRAFT – we usually do some weekends in October and December.

One-on-One Classes here: I also have some slots for one-on-one sessions here in my shop – these can be tailored to suit; but choices include 2-day workshops in Spoon Carving, Oak Carving for Furniture and more. Longer classes are possible, I hosted one student recently who spent 4 days making a carved oak box. Price is $500 per day. If you want to discuss arrangements, email for details – May and September are open. Peter.Follansbee@verizon.net 

Posted Workshops/presentations:


April 3-5 or April 6-8 – Woodwright’s School, Pittsboro, N.C. One of my favorite trips of the year – spending time with Roy and the cast of characters at the school…These two classes are called
“Spoons & more” – because we don’t know what else might happen…but it will be fun.  


April 15 – Traditional Timber Frame Research Advisory Group (TTRAG) Conference, Portsmouth NH, I’ll just be there one day of the event, doing a talk and demonstration of riving oak, carving, etc. https://www.tfguild.org/events/2018-ttrag-conference

Apr 20-22 Fine Woodworking Live; Southbridge, MA. I’m leading a one-day spoon carving class (assisted by Dave Fisher!) and giving a talk during the conference. The class is sold out, but there’s a waiting list. The event has a great lineup; see the listing here: http://www.finewoodworkinglive.com/

June 5-10 Greenwood Fest. Plymouth, Massachusetts. Plymouth CRAFT’s main event. THE highlight of the year for me. Our third go-round; I can’t wait to be there again. Get on the waiting list for the main event, or sign up for one of the few spaces left in the pre-fest classes. The pre-fest is by itself a huge event, 7 classes running side-by-side. https://www.greenwoodfest.org/

July 13-14; Lie-Nielsen Open House. I try to make it to this event every year. Last year’s was fantastic, this year’s will be as well.

July 21-22 – Carving Spoons Lie-Nielsen, Warren, Maine. Oh, well. Another summer weekend in mid-coast Maine? I guess if I have to… right up there with the trip to Roy’s – at some point, you have to experience the Lie-Nielsen trip. https://www.lie-nielsen.com/workshop/USA/191

File:Kangaroos Maranoa.JPG

Nov 1 & 2; Pre-SpoonJam Spoon carving workshop; Pambula, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA – Australia? Strange birds I’ve never seen, weird woods whose names I can’t even pronounce? Will I come down? Of course…One ticket left as of March 13 – who’s gonna snap up the last one? http://www.spoonsmith.com.au/pre-jam-workshops.html

Nov 3 & 4; Spoon Jam Tickets on sale soon- http://www.spoonsmith.com.au/

Nov – Making a Carved Oak Box – Kyneton, AUSTRALIA – at Glen Rundell’s. Details to follow.  https://www.rundellandrundell.com.au/untitled