Carving at Lie-Nielsen May 11 & 12

Lie-Nielsen Weekend Workshops
Lie-Nielsen Weekend Workshops
worm eating warbler
worm eating warbler


Isn’t it a coincidence that my next workshop at Lie-Nielsen just happens to fall in early May, when the warbler migration will be hitting down-east?

If you’d like to come to Maine to rive, hew, plane & carve some oak for 2 days, I promise we’ll have great fun. I was just a student there myself last weekend at Matt Bickford’s class on using hollows & rounds. It was great.

PF molding


First-rate facility, nice group of people and as you know from reading this blog, I’m a fan of Matt’s work…so it was a winner all around. He’ll be back there teaching later in the summer, I think.

My class last year made the largest pile of shavings I have seen in some time, and even got a bunch of carving done too. 


So – May 11 & 12. Will I see some of you there? Here’s some stuff I have carved this past week…

lunette detail

s scrolls

chair panel etc

chair carvings



17th-century carving workshop, Feb 9 & 10, 2013 at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking

My first workshop of 2013 is practically right around the corner. You know how time speeds up around the holidays, so it’s almost February now!

I’ll teach a weekend class in carving 17th-century style patterns at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking in Manchester, CT. (near Hartford), February 9 & 10.   There’s no project, just learning the tool use, layout and execution of a number of different designs, based on studies of period pieces. I’ll have photos of period works, and boxes and loose carvings like this:


carving samples
carving samples

Here’s the blurb from the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. This is one of my few New England classes this year.

It will be a great time. Students work through several stages of these designs, and usually the second afternoon is dedicated to carving a design that could be a box front or a chest panel, something more involved than some of the repeating patterns we begin with. Here’s more:

"strapwork" patterns on box fronts
“strapwork” patterns on box fronts
opposing lunettes
opposing lunettes


chest front
chest front

Send Bob Van Dyke an email & sign up, it will be great fun…hope to see some of you there.


I can see for miles

and miles. Over 10,000 of them.

Cooper’s hawk

I guess if you’re not early, you’re late. So the schedule for workshops in 2013 is cooking all over the world right now…

I have a few dates I can post right now, others are being finalized & I”ll put them up here soon. I have to strike some sort of balance if I want to stay married (yes) and employed (mostly), so I have a few full weeks of classes, and a few weekend sessions. I hope to add some as I can…

First is a semi-woodsy bit. I am one of a host of speakers at the Furniture Forum at Winterthur in early March 2013. My talks are easy, I get a workbench and tools, so I just do my usual thing. Only in somewhat nicer clothing, probably. I am also listed as doing some “workshops” but Winterthur means something different from what I think a workshop is…so I look at these as more like a demonstration – like my day job. Here’s the whole brochure. FF Brochure 2013_Web (2)


Now – do you want to make a joined stool?

joined stool, chamfered not turned

Want to make a joined stool way out west?  I have been to the west before, having lectured and done research in Hartford, CT. But this is even further west than that…April 22-26 at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking.

Here they are riving some stock, but wait, what woods do they use there? Not oak?? There’s woods other than oak?

Port Townsend WA

Yup, it’s experimentation time. But it should be fun. There’s a weekend class following it in just the carving patterns. I am really looking forward to these workshops, I have never been to that part of the country. The carving class info is not up yet, (I was late getting stuff to Tim, sorry Tim.)


June 7-13. I don’t drink beer. I don’t eat meat. And I don’t speak German. But still, because of Thomas Lie-Nielsen and Chris Schwarz, the folks at Dictum in Germany want me to come teach a class how to make the carved boxes I do. Me? Teach carving in Bavaria? Has the world gone nuts? We’ll see in June. Info is not up yet…

how could I say no


July 15-19 I’ll do the joined stool in honest-to-goodness oak at the Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro. Roy hasn’t got the schedule together yet. But he will. It will be a gas.

many shavings


Then in August (12-16), I’ll be back in North Carolina at my long-time favorite woodworking school – Country Workshops. We’ll make the carved boxes –

“been there so long he’s got to callin’ it home” is how I feel about this place.

up towards the workshop

and if enough of us show up, I bet Louise will make pizza that Drew will fire in their outdoor oven. Don’t miss it. Have a look:

pizza at Country Workshops

Here’s Louise’s blog, in case you’ve missed it when I posted before


This coming Friday I’ll be at the Lie-Nielsen Event at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, Bob Van Dyke’s place in Manchester, CT. While I am there, Bob & I will figure out a winter date for a weekend class in carving. So that will actually be first of the season for me…the lineup this weekend is really something. Come by if you are around the area.


Enough. It’s not like I’m Chris Schwarz or something.




my next workshop, July 23-27 at Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

It’s about five weeks-plus until my next workshop. This one is making a carved box, this time up in Maine at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockland.

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

Dates are July 23-27, the website is here:

I got a bit of a tour when I was at Lie-Nielsen in May, and it looks like quite a spot. Lots of space, and plenty of windows. I split open a log during that visit, and it will become the stock for our boxes.


Here’s some photos of that visit

Browsing through the school’s website, I am thrilled to be included in such a list of instructors. This will be my first time at CFC and I am really looking forward to it, & to being back in Maine again.

carved box 2011


The boxes will be oak, with pine lids and bottoms. Iron nails, wooden pins – all period techniques. I’ll have some of my boxes with me as examples, and a slew of carving tools, mallets, axes, planes, carved samples, study photos, etc. It should be great fun. If you are inclined, get over & sign up now. Birding was great in May, July will be slower, but should still see some stuff. See you in Maine, I hope.