some raking light & more tools

I have done some woodworking lately, just no time right now to write about it. some raking light to catch your eye….

carved box


I saw this out of the corner of my eye today, and thought, “birds’ eye maple need not apply”


birds' eye maple need not apply

I updated the tools, added a few that I ran out of time for the other night….



Remember the boxes that arrived?

next batches of tools for sale

I have had some time to sort them a bit, and am now researching the antique planes (making sure there’s no Cesor Chelors in there…)

While fumbling through boxes of those, chisels, drawknives, etc  I came across some Ulmia planes.

Ulmia planes

These require little to no work on my part to get them back in circulation. So I shot some photos quickly, and ran down some details. For those who might be unfamiliar, these are modern German planes. Nice ones, in mostly good condition, so  pricey. But if you are inclined, you can see what’s what here or the link at the top banner of the blog.


There will be more wooden bodied planes, some old ones. Some more new ones. and some metal planes too. It will take me some time to sort them all.

While I am at it, a few words about the sale of Jennie Alexander’s tools. It is not a case of a down-on-her luck aging woodworker pawning their tools for grocery money. It’s more a case of a middle-age woodworker (me) seeing ahead to a day when I get a sudden call to come clean out decades’ worth of tools & shop in one fell swoop. Jennie & I discussed this last summer and decided one way to contend with the tools she can no longer use is to get them in circulation via this blog. We looked at auctions, sales, tool dealers, etc & decided that the readers here should have first crack at them. I’m setting the prices as I go. Trying to be fair, but not give them away,nor take a beating.

If you miss out on a tool here, there are lots of places to buy old tools. Don’t despair. Some sites are:

There’s also Ed Lebetkin at the Woodwright”s School in Pittsboro NC.