Planing wind & bow out of riven oak

A video I posted a while back showed me planing riven oak. In that video I warned the viewers they’d not learn much because the wood was perfect. This time, it’s different. A real good piece of white oak, but with some wind (twist) and bow/cupping.

It’s a “warts and all” video in that the sunlight kept changing. I tried to deal with it as best I could. I have about 14 windows in the shop – and I’m not going to kill all that daylight to turn the place into a video-studio. So sometimes the light’s a problem. I hope you can see what’s going on just the same.

a new blog for folks interested in 17th-century woodworking


to the sea


My friends at Plimoth Plantation have started a dedicated blog about the various carpentry works they do. I have worked parallel to that department since 1994, and what they do is amazing – hewing, pitsawing, clapboards, thatching, and more… the faces have changed over the years, with a few exceptions, but the work goes on.

You might want to look it over, and subscribe if inclined. I have always wanted to feature their work here, and now I don’t have to.  there’s a couple of posts so far, and if you write to them, that will encourage them to continue…nudge, nudge.

Here’s the link:

Keep ’em coming guys.