New video: Carving the Floral Panel

It’s taken awhile to get to this new video. Daniel’s dance card is getting full, school work & his own projects like animation (I thought that meant Looney Tunes, but apparently it means something else) – so I delved into editing video. That’s part of what took so long.

This panel is easier than it looks, once you break it down. The previous videos in the series have some bearing on it – some of the same accents and forms appear. Here’s the link to the “playlist”

I’ve broken it into two videos, this being part 1. (Thomas Lie-Nielsen once asked me if I could do a video shorter than Ben-Hur. I’m not sure I can…)

I’ve featured this design a number of times, but never done it on video before. It’s in the book Joiner’s Work and I wrote an article once for Popular Woodworking about carving it. This is an example I carved years ago, another variation. I’ve probably never done it the same way twice.

chest panel

I’m nearly done with my work on the 2nd set of drawings. Then I’ll send them down to Jeff Lefkowitz and we’ll begin getting them ready. The first set is still available here –