A Lego plea

Another rare guest post on my blog. Daniel owes us an update on the wildlife camera, which he swears he’ll do soon. Meanwhile, he & Rose have this to tell you about:

We were waiting to turn 13 so we could enter a product idea to Lego Ideas; a website where you can post a Lego project that you made and that you would want to become an actual Lego set. After you post a product idea, you have 60 days to get 100 supporters and then if it gets that many supporters, you get a year to get 1,000 supporters and so on and ultimately you need 10,000 supporters for your product idea to be reviewed to see if it will become a Lego set.

Our product idea that we submitted to Lego Ideas is Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and Trials of Apollo books by Rick Riordan. Our set idea includes 10 minifigures, 12 cabins, the Big House, a Pegasus, Thalia’s pine tree, and a chariot.

We have 16 days left to get 100 supporters of our idea. We need 76 more supporters to be able to get to the next step, so if anyone in your household likes Lego or Percy Jackson, and if you have time, please look at our product idea at:  https://ideas.lego.com/projects/f80a290b-a3be-4c78-892e-18e1a5c8338e and if you like it you can create a Lego account and support it.

Thank you!.