TOOLS FOR SALE: Stanley 78s & leftovers

more tools. we found out that I stink at pricing Stanley planes. or you folks don’t want them. or you already have them. Here are some # 78 rabbet planes. I tested each of these three, and all cut rabbets without even trying. A sharpening will make them really go. 

JA 01 – SOLD  Stanley rabbet  #78 made in England. 

Stanley #78 made in England

$65 -SOLD


JA 02 – SOLD     Stanley # 78 rabbet plane, made in USA. 

Stanley # 78 made in USA

$65 – SOLD


JA 03  Stanley #78 rabbet, made in USA. Older than previous example. 

Stanley # 78 older



Here’s two of the Stanleys from last week. I usually don’t knock down the prices, I’d rather keep the tools in most cases. But I guess when I looked on the web, I saw prices that were unrealistic.  If these don’t go this time, I’ll save them for my kids. 

Stanley # 3 – SOLD    

in great shape. Used, dusty, but excellent otherwise. My feeble attempts at understanding the typology of Stanley planes tells me this is type 9. Has the Mar & Aug ’02 patent dates cast in behind the frog. “Bailey” and “No 3” near the front tote.

I had it down for $120. Do I hear $70 for it?   SOLD


Stanley # 4 – similar condition to the # 3. The handles look they have led two different lives, but both are tight & functional. You’re not here looking for something other than a plane to use anyway…

I had it for $ 75. Let’s see about $50. Otherwise, it’s for Rose & Daniel. 


3 thoughts on “TOOLS FOR SALE: Stanley 78s & leftovers

  1. Hi Peter,

    I’ll try to help out…..I’ll take the JA02 rabbet and the #3 for my boy. He’s not quite 2 yet, so I guess this will go under the category of “hold for when Ian is older!”.

    If you want, you can put them in the same box as the jointer, if you still have it…whenever you get a chance. Same story, there’s not an immediate rush.


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