spoons & more, December 2014

Last call for 2014 spoons & more. 


I have a few spoons I finished the other night. There’s more behind them, but those won’t be done without going nuts…and I learned long ago not to make myself crazy just because the calendar says December. So these are the last offerings for 2014 from here. The bowls and a panel, a spoon or two left from last month too. If you would like to order something, leave a comment; let me know paypal or check, either is fine. Thanks for looking, as always. 



spoon 14-123;      SOLD  

cherry crook (see top photo on this page for its source) 

L: 9″  W:  2 3/4″

$80 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-123 carving spoon 14-123 overall spoon 14-123 side


spoon 14-124;       SOLD
cherry; big server, w hook on handle. 

L:  11″  W:  3″

$100 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-124 again spoon 14-124 side spoon 14-124 overall


spoon 14-125; birch.  SOLD


A straight-grained example; it took the chip carved detail very well. 

L:  9″  W:  2 1/4″ 

$60 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-125 overall spoon 14-125 side


spoon 14-126;  SOLD

another straight-grained birch server. I kept this one around a while, to watch the knot in the bowl. It’s staying put, so the spoon is ready to go. Nice warm honey color that birch sometimes gets to…

L:  10 1/4″ W:  2 5/8″

$65 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-126 overall spoon 14-126 side spoon 14-126 bowl



spoon 14-120,     SOLD

birch, with a hook in the handle. 

L: 11 1/2″  W:  3 1/8″

$100 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-120 overallspoon 14-120 sidespoon 14-120 hook



spoon 14-121, birch    SOLD

L: 10″  W:  2 3/4″

$75 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-121 overallspoon 14-121 overall 2spoon 14-121 side


hewn bowl 14-04, catalpa

L: 10 1/2″ W: 5 3/4″  D: 5″

$325 including shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-04 catalpahewn bowl 14-04 endhewn bowl 14-14 overall


hewn bowl 14-03, birch. L: 15 14″ W: 7 1/2″  H: 3″

$425 including shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-03

hewn bowl 14-03 lit

hewn bowl 14-03 bottom


hewn bowl 14-05, birch.   SOLD

L: 21″” W: 7 1/2″  H: 5″

$525 including shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-05 overall

hewn bowl 14-05 end view

hewn bowl 14-05 end view w shadows

hewn bowl 14-05 carving

hewn bowl 14-05 pinwheel


carved panel;  white oak. This one is un-framed.  an exquisite piece of quartersawn white oak. Makes a nice wall piece; I can attach hangers on the back if you wish. 

H: 15″  W: 9″
$250 including shipping in US. 




carved panel no frame 14-01


4 thoughts on “spoons & more, December 2014

  1. Peter, I would like this spoon and to pay by Paypal:

    spoon 14-123; cherry crook

    Thank you again! I always look forward to your blog and sometimes share it with my daughters.

  2. Hi, Peter! Would you sell me spoon 14-124, the big cherry with a hook? I have Paypal, too.

    I think all the time about the oak box class at Heartwood! Thanks for a really great time.,,

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