here goes for August, just under the wire. As usual, just leave a comment if you’d like to order something. Paypal or check is fine; just let me know which. 


Frame & panel – Connecticut River Valley pattern –

Excuse the harsh lighting; I had no place in the house to shoot it.

I love to carved this pattern; I have done it several times, I plan on getting back soon to a chest I have underway with this as the central panel, and the vine motif all around the framing. We have a panel like this in our kitchen cabinets – I never really plan out the framing design, it just flows around. This time I really like how it turns each corner. Oak, with Atlantic white cedar moldings and black walnut plaques. Linseed oil finish.

H: 19″  W: 17 3/4″
$475 including shipping in the US.

sunflower panel & frame AUG sunflower panel detail


 #14-86,      SOLD

serving spoon. Birch.

L:  10 3/4″  W: 2 1/2″
$60  plus $7 shipping in US. 

14-86 overall



 #14-93, another small pointed birch spoon

L: 8 3/4″   W: 2″ 
$40  plus $7 shipping in US. 

14-93 overall 14-93 side



#14-96,   SOLD

a large birch serving spoon. A nice generous sized bowl. I happened to catch the birch at a point where it had darkened, but not yet gone grey.

L: 10 1/2″  W: 2 5/8″
$ 75 plus $7 shipping in US. 

spoon 14-96 overall spoon 14-96 top view spoon 14-96 shape




14-98; a small cherry spoon. I only shot one view of it; but this is from a crook. So the handle sweeps upwards. Heartwood in the bowl.

L:  7″  W: 2″
$ 50 plus $7 shipping in US. 


spoon 14-98 top view



#14-100  –  SOLD

A milestone spoon = the 100th for this year. Cherry. A server, because I’d hate to meet the person who could wrap their mouth around this bowl.

L:  8 3/4″  W: 2 5/8″
$65 plus $7 shipping in US. 


spoon 14-100 shape spoon 14-100 top view spoon 14-100 bowl back



#14-102;             SOLD


one of a series of small birch spoons with more or less pointed tips. The idea, shown to me by Robin & Jojo Wood, is that you scoop with the side of this spoon, and have less wear & tear on the end grain. a lot of “traditional” spoons have tips something like this.

L: 7 3/4″  W: 2 1/8″
$40 plus $7 shipping in US. 

spoon 14-102 side spoon 14-102 top view





I think of this as a mixed metaphor – my spoons are derived from Swedish work, but this spoon rack is based on American pieces. I have never really studied any in detail; I worked mainly from photographs. So the construction is conjecture on my part; wrought nails fasten the body of it together, and also fit the ledger the spoons slip into. Because my spoons are willy-nilly, not all of them will fit in a rack like this; some slip through, some stick up. In the 2nd photo I have 4 birch spoons from a recent batch that all fit. The box holds junk; car keys, sunglasses, stamps. Hangs on a wrought nail. 

White pine, with paint made from iron oxide and flax oil.

H: 16″ W: 12 1/8″  D: 4 3/4″

$ 300; with the 4 birch spoons; $420; plus $10 shipping in US. 

spoon rack

spoon rack w spoons


#14-92,   –  SOLD

birch, small server. part of a series of spoons I did with a pointed tip…

L: 9 1/4″  W: 2 1/4″
$ 40 plus $7 shipping in US. 

14-92 side 14-92


#14-103,    SOLD

more nutty looking lilac. Lefty again too. This one has a very short bowl, there was a flaw where the front end of the bowl might have been. With lilac, you get what you get…

L:  11″ W: 2 7/8″
$75 plus $7 shipping in US. 

spoon 14-104 overall spoon 14-104 side spoon 14-104 bowl



#14-104, SOLD –   birch. Part of that series again.

L:  8 1/4″  W: 2″
$40 plus $7 shipping in US. 

spoon 14-105 overall spoon 14-105 side




#14-83  SOLD

A straight-grained serving spoon, made from an apple tree.  Some dark heartwood contrast to the bright sapwood. Flax oil finish,

L: 11 1/2″ W: 2 1/2″

$75 plus $7 shipping in US. 

14-83 side 14-83



#14-90,   SOLD

cherry. A small crook, with heartwood & sapwood.

L:  8 1/2″ W: 1 3/4″

$ 50 plus $7 shipping in US. 




#14-101; SOLD

another in the series of apple spoons. Got the wood while I was in Maine. Now when am I going to get back there again? Maybe there’ll be more…

L: 8 1/8″    W: 2 1/4″
$50 plus $7 shipping in US. 


spoon 14-101 top view spoon 14-101 side



14-99;       SOLD

more apple. Again, from a crook. Apple trees are great for this. They bend, twist & wind all around up there.

L:  9 1/8″  W: 2″
$70 plus $7 shipping in US. 

spoon 14-99 shape spoon 14-99 top view


#14-97; – SOLD

more apple.  I call this size a yoghurt spoon – because I grab one like this when I dish out my breakfast. Great heartwood color all around the bowl.

L: 8 1/4″  W: 2 1/4″
$50 plus $7 shipping in US. 

spoon 14-97 shape spoon 14-97 top view


#14-95; apple;  SOLD

This swept-spoon is from an excellent apple crook. I could work apple like this all day if I could get it…the nicest wood for spoons.

L:  9 1/2″  W: 2 1/4″

$ 70 plus $7 shipping in US. 

spoon 14-95 overall spoon 14-95 crook spoon 14-95 top view


12 thoughts on “SPOONS & MORE, AUGUST 2014

  1. Hi Peter,

    I’ll take #97 apple if you still have it. Can always use another of your spoons. Btw, just signed my nephew and myself up for your Oct class in CT…can’t wait!

    Kevin A.

  2. Hi Peter,
    I would like 14-99 & 14-83 if still available. I can do either paypal or check whichever is easier. thanks


  3. Hi Peter,

    I’d like 14-103 & 14-90 as well. I’m not a lefty but what’s not to love about that nutty lilac? Not sure if you’ve shipped the apple spoon yet; could you let me know if you need separate shipping for these. I will send you a check. Thanks so much,


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