A mixed bag, photo-wise. I struggled shooting these under overcast conditions one day, and too much sunlight the next time I tried. But I finally decided to just get them posted here. I have had several requests for more spoons, I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm. Rest assured, I’m still carving them when I have time. After this batch is a number of spoons in cherry. 

Spoon # 30 – SOLD    small serving spoon. Short handle, large bowl. Rhododendron. L:  8 1/2″  Width of bowl: 2 7/8″

spoon # 30 rhododendron
spoon # 30 rear view
spoon # 30 carving detail

$45   -SOLD


Spoon # 31 – SOLD     a cooking/serving spoon in birch. Streaks in the grain add some color to this spoon. L: 11 3/4″ Width of bowl 3″

Spoon # 31
spoon #31 profile

$60   SOLD


spoon #32 –  SOLD – another medium serving spoon in birch. This wood is almost translucent in parts of the bowl.  L:9 1/2″  width of bowl 2 3/8″ 

Spoon 32
Spoon # 32

$40 – SOLD


spoon #35 – SOLD     a large-sized cooking or serving spoon in rhododendron. Great color and grain to this wood. Folks sometimes wonder if this wood is toxic, it’s the foliage that’s not good for animals. I don’t know any people who have eaten the bushes. The wood is fine for woodenware.

L: 12 1/4″  Width of bowl just under 3″. 

spoon #35
spoon #35 rear
spoon #35 bowl

$60  – SOLD


spoon #36 & 37 – SOLD      This is a weird pair. Some crooks and limbs beg to become spoons, but insist on being sculpture too. So these fall in that category, a mix between form and function. These will work  to an extent as servers.  These are two from different trees, but they swept in a complimentary manner. The whitish one on the right (#36) is sycamore, or plane tree. The darker one (# 37) is cherry. They are about 11″ – 11 1/2″ long. Bowls are about 2 1/2″ wide. Let’s try them as a pair, and if no one gets inspired, I’ll try them later as singles. Lots of views, they are fun to photograph. 

spoons # 36 & 37
spoons # 36 & 37
spoons # 36 & 37 bowls
spoons # 36 & 37

$100 for the pair.   SOLD


spoon # 38 -SOLD    another in the sculpture vein. This is the last rhododendron one I have for now. A lefty small serving spoon. Has a wrinkle in the grain of the bowl, it comes from the flared bottom of a trunk/root meeting. It won’t hold water, but it’s a nice spoon. The color is in between the two versions shown here, today’s photos were in strong sunlight, last one in this set was an overcast day…

spoon # 38
spoon # 38 profile
another view

$45   – SOLD


spoon #39 – SOLD    The only time I ever got to carve lilac. This spoon comes from the neighborhood, a storm uprooted a small lilac right near the house. All I managed to get out of it was this spoon, right near the flared root section. Great great wood. L: 8″  width of bowl 1 5/8″

spoon # 39
spoon # 39 profile
spoon # 39 bowl

$ 45   SOLD


spoon # 40 – SOLD-  I have had a bunch of sycamore branches around. London plane tree is the other name for this tree, also “buttonwood.” This one could see use as a lefty soup spoon, or a small serving spoon. Great carving wood when it’s fresh.  L:9 1/2″   width of bowl 2 1/4″

spoon # 40
spoon # 40 profile

$ 40 – SOLD


spoon # 41 – SOLD – another of the sycamore spoons. Again, just over-sized for an eating spoon, maybe soup or serving. L: 9″  width of bowl  2 1/4″ 

spoon # 41
spoon # 41 profile
spoon # 41 bowl

$ 40. – SOLD




  1. Hi Peter – I would love #35, and # 39…gorgeous. Very grateful! Let me know the best way to send for payment, etc.
    – Kevin

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