After a lengthy delay, here are some spoons I have ready for sale. I apologize for the photos, but I’m working on it for next time. These are the best I got for this batch.

If you would like to purchase one or more of these, leave a comment and let me know which spoons you’d like. I can send a paypal invoice, or you can mail a check. Shipping in US is $ 6 per order – NOT per spoon. So if you want more than one spoon, then your shipping is still $6.  I send them through the US mail, insured. Shipping outside the US we’ll figure the price.

Some people have asked about getting spoons after missing the trigger here on the blog. I’d be happy to make a spoon for you if you want to send an email – and we can figure out details, etc.

Mailing address is :

Peter Follansbee

3 Landing Rd

Kingston, MA 02364

email = peter.follansbee@verizon.net

Thanks again,



Oct Spoon 01 – this is a small eating-type spoon. In apple. I love to carve this wood; it cuts like no other. 

L: 7 1/4″    W:  1 3/4″

$ 35

Oct spoon 01 side view

Oct spoon 01


Oct Spoon 02  – this one’s called sycamore in the US, in England it would be the plane tree. We know it by many names. I first learned of these trees in Andrew Wyeth paintings, in which setting they were called “buttonwood”. Whatever you call it, it’s a favorite tree of mine, and a nice wood for spoons too. If you ever had your knuckles rapped w a school ruler, it was often sycamore. 

L:  6 7/8″  W:  1 3/4″

$ 35

oct spoon 02 bottom

oct spoon 02 side

Oct spoon 02


Oct Spoon 03 –  SOLD

A nice big serving/cooking spoon in apple sapwood. This was a large chunk of apple to fit the whole spoon out in the sapwood. If you get it while it’s fresh, the sapwood is clean and sound. 

L:  12″  W:  2 5/8″

$ 65

oct spoon 03 carving

oct spoon 03 overall

oct spoon 03 side


Oct Spoon 04 – Closer to the middle of the tree this time, so this apple serving spoon has a burst of heartwood for accent. 

L:  8 1/2″  W:  2 3/8″

$ 50

oct spoon 04 bowl

oct spoon 04 overall

oct spoon 04 side


Oct Spoon 05  – SOLD

a medium sized serving spoon. I have seen some old spoons with this pointed tip, so gave it a shot here. I think this one’s cherry; but I lost track. I wiggled the chip carving around a knot…

L:  8 1/4″  W:  2″

$ 40

oct spoon 05 overall

oct spoon 05 side


Oct Spoon 06 – SOLD

another sycamore spoon. It’s not yellow like this photo makes it appear, I struggled with the photos this time. A serving spoon, or small cooking spoon. Chip carving this stuff is a dream. 

L:  9 1/4″   W:  2 1/4″

$ 45

oct spoon 07 carving

oct spoon 07 side

oct spoon 07


Oct Spoon 07  – SOLD

a nice little apple eating spoon. Great color, great shape. The tree made a good spoon for me here…

L:  6 1/4″  W:  1 7/8″

$ 40

oct spoon 08 bowl

oct spoon 08 overall

oct spoon 08 side


Oct Spoon 08 – pretty much totally crazy maple spoon. I don’t often look to maple for spoon wood. It’s quite hard, but carves nicely when green. This one was a crook I couldn’t resist taking a shot at though. I was quite pleased with the result. Streaky heartwood in the bowl. a very tough weird crook. 

L:  10 1/2″  W:  2 1/2″

$ 75

oct spoon top view

oct spoon 09 curve

oct spoon 09 side bowl


Oct Spoon 09 – SOLD

the out & out biggest of this batch, a sycamore serving spoon that I have picked away at for a while. The bowl is 3 5/8″ wide by 4 1/2″ long. Big. 

L:  13″  W:  3 5/8″

$ 90

oct spoon 010 overall 2

oct spoon 010 overall

oct spoon 010 rear bowl


Oct Spoon 010 – One of my favorites of this fall. I think it’s some pear wood I got from Drew Langsner. A somewhat plain wood, but it carves great. I tried again for the traditional shape here with a more pointed bowl than my “normal” stuff. I plan on more of these, they’re fun. 

L:  6 3/4″  W:  2″

$ 50

oct spoon 06 carving

oct spoon 06 overall

oct spoon 06 side


Oct Spoon X –   (PAIR)

OK, here’s the weirdos. I think they belong together, so will offer them as a pair. If they bomb, then I’ll split them up next week. Or we’ll get stuck with them in our kitchen.
The wood is that lilac stash I am starting to work with. Harder than hard, this wood. The figure in the heartwood is swirling and flowing. These are crooked, twisted strange sculptures/spoons. the little one is decidedly lefty, while the larger one swings right. I shot them before I finished chip carving the handle on the large one, but it’s ready tonight (no Red Sox tonight). 

L: 11 1/4″  &  9″   W:  2 1/4″  & 2″ 

$ 125 for the pair

oct spoon pair bowls

oct spoon pair large bowl

oct spoon pair lilacs

oct spoon pair small bowl



16 thoughts on “SPOONS FOR SALE – OCTOBER 2013 – SOLD OUT

  1. Hi, I would like to buy spoon #1 please. Please invoice me to include shipping to the UK, postcode BB18 5JS. Many thanks.

  2. Nice spoons, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a spoon carving day in the northeast . Everyone brings their spoon wood and knives, some home made apple pies and hot cider and have at. Couldn’t think of a better way of spending a Saturdy. Just a thought. Peter your spoons have a great feel to them, definitely have soul. PjK

  3. From one Pete to another, Greetings from the South, Chattanooga,Tn for sure. Saw you on The Woodwright’s Shop an loved the prospect of following your advice for carving spoons. Being that my ancestors came from Sweden and Norway, Swedish Spoon carving seemed the thing to try. Only the 9th of Dec and already my sweet wife has delivered three knives of Swedish heritage. Two are hook knives and the third is a curved flexiknife. With Maple, Cherry, Pear, Apple and Peach trees on our property, I guess they will get a lot of pruning as I try my hand at what you have led me to. Many thanks for your sharing your knowledge in such an instructional manner. The best to you and yours in this new year…

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