The November spoons, first batch. If there’s one you’d like to order, leave a comment citing which you’d like. I can send a paypal invoice, or you can send a check. Shipping in US is $7.00. (up from before, I had done $6 and was finding that I was paying more than that on average)

Nov spoon 06, the first of the olive. Was it Russian Olive, or Autumn Olive? Beats me. Nice curvy, dense wood. 

L: 8 1/2″   W:  1 3/4″


nov spoon 06 full

nov spoon 06 w baseball




Nov spoon 08. SOLD


Back to the olive wood. Soon I will show the story of this crooked branch system. More spoons waiting to be made from this stuff. 

L: 7″  W: 1 /2″ 

$ 35

nov spoon 08 full

nov spoon 08 side



Nov spoon 01 – apple, serving/cooking spoon. – SOLD

L: 10″  W:  2 3/4″


nov spoon 01

nov spoon 01 side


Nov spoon 02 – SOLD

apple, serving/cooking spoon. Works with either hand, but slightly inclined lefty. 

L: 11 1/2″   W:  3″


nov spoon 02

nov spoon 02 long


Nov spoon 03 , also apple. Also serving/cooking. No heartwood, even color throughout. 

L: 11 3/4″  W:  2 1/2″


nov spoon 03 full

nov spoon 03 side


Nov spoon 04, lilac. The weirdo shape in the bunch. All the twists & turns even out, to become a righty serving or cooking spoon. 

L: 10″  W:  2 1/2″


nov spoon 04

nov spoon 04 full view

nov spoon 04 side view



Nov spoon 05; apple again. Cooking/serving again. some heartwood in the bowl. – SOLD

L: 11 1/2″  W:  2 1/2″


nov spoon 05 full



Nov spoon 07. – SOLD

A cherry tree that I had to clear out of here. It was impeding our view of the river. Grew out of a hillside. Nice crooks coming out of this tree. 

L: 8 1/4″   W:  2″


nov spoon 07 3d

nov spoon 07 overall

nov spoon 07 side



Nov spoon 09; apple. – SOLD

An eating spoon. Reminds me of a fin whale, with its asymmetrical markings. 

L: 6 1/4″   W:  1 7/8″


nov spoon 09 fuill

nov spoon 09 side


Nov spoon 010. Small, lefty. lilac. – SOLD

L: 6″  W: 1 1/2″ 


nov spoon 010 full

nov spoon 010 side

nov spoon 010 scale


Nov spoon 011, more of lilac. Great figure in the bowl.  SOLD

L: 7 1/2″  W:  2″


nov spoon 011 full

nov spoon 011 again

nov spoon 011 grain


Nov spoon 012; more of the river-impeding cherry. – SOLD

L: 7 1?2″  W:  1 3/4″


nov spoon 012 full

nov spoon 012 crook


That’s right, this one’s not a spoon. I often have had requests to sell just the carved panels. So I finally decided to listen and see if it works. To me, they need the frame to make them coherent. Here’s the first one – based on a joined chest with drawers from the Connecticut River Valley. We have a door like this in our kitchen cupboards; it’s the kids’ favorite. This one’s oak, naturally, with walnut and cedar accents. It could hang on a wall, or be incorporated into a piece of furniture if you were inclined. 

 approx. W:  15 1/4″  h: 19 1/2″ ; about 1 1/8″ thick

$400, including shipping in US. 


frame & panel sunflower

frame & panel sunflower detail


15 thoughts on “SPOONS FOR SALE, NOVEMBER, pt 1

  1. Mr. Follansbee’s recent appearance on a television show called The Woodwright’s Shop intrigued me enough to check him out on the web; to see here that he’s almost sold over $700 in spoons for this month was a bit unexpected given his serious yet nonchalant demeanor towards carving spoons, but now I’m all the more impressed with his work and dedication to the art of woodcarving. The raw utilitarian design balanced with the perfect amount of ornamentation results in a truly beautiful piece of art on such a level that one might almost feel reluctant to put such a piece to the use it was designed for, nice work sir.

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