Spoons & Furniture For Sale; March 2018

Some spoons and furniture that I have available for sale. If you’d like to order any of these items, send an email to me Peter.Follansbee@verizon.net and I’ll send a paypal invoice. Or you can mail a check if you prefer. Prices on the spoons & bowl include shipping in the US. Elsewhere requires additional charges.

For the furniture, shipping costs and paypal charges will be added to the price.

CHEST – My joined chests start at $4,000 – this one I’m asking $3,600. It’s a copy of some English chests I saw several years back. The originals were made in Devon. I made it a year or two ago. I forget when exactly. I had some great wide oak panels perfectly suited to this design. I made the chest thinking I’d keep it, but it seems the house is full to the brim. So it’s been in the shop behind another chest for ages. Every so often, I move stuff around and get surprised by it. So, time to find it a home.  Room for initials on the center muntin. There’s a wide pine board up in the loft waiting to be the lid.


dimensions are H:  30″  W: 42″  D: 20″.


Desk box. $2,000 plus shipping (from Cincinnati, where it is presently stashed.) – I made two of these. One sold recently, the other is available. The project was featured several times; as a video with Lie-Nielsen, a show with Roy Underhill and most recently as an article in Popular Woodworking magazine. It’s also in my upcoming book with Lost Art Press. There’s 2 tills inside, 4 drawers up in the top section and a space behind the tills for more storage.



H: 11″  W: 23″  D: 14″


Bowl – SOLD

butternut. This bowl has been around a while. I carved it from a large butternut limb; bent and twisted. Once I finished it, I chip-carved around the rim. Then here it sat for quite a while, something was always a bit off about it. I showed it to Dave Fisher and he said, “easy, just carve away this bit & that bit & it’ll be fine.” I did, and it was. Then it went in a chest and I forgot about it until a cleaning of the shop recently.

H: 4″-5″  L:  13 1/2″  W:  6″

$350 including shipping in US.




spoon 18-01; SOLD

cherry. Very pronounced crook; I love making this kind of spoon.

L: 9″ W: 2 3/8″



spoon 18-02; Cherry, crook. This is the spoon I like to make the most of all. A curved crook, this spoon has shapes and angles in several directions. This one still works, I’m known for carving some “challenging” shaped-spoons.

L:  7 1/2″  W:  2″



spoon 18-03: SOLD

Cherry crook again.

L: 7″  W: 2 3/8″


spoon 18-04; Almost a pie-serving shape, but quite narrow. A small slice of pie. American sycamore crook. Very flat “bowl” to this one…
L: 9 3/4″  W: 1 1/2″


spoon 18-08:  SOLD

Ornamental cherry

L: 10 3/4″   W: 2 1/4″



spoon 18-09: SOLD
Small birch spoon. Straight grain.

L:  7 1/2″  W: 2 1/4″


spoon 18-10; SOLD

black birch serving/cooking spoon. This one is straight-grained. I based it and the next one on a spoon I made years ago that gets frequent use in our kitchen.

L:  10 1/2″  W: 2 3/4″



Spoon 18-12; SOLD

One more as above

L:  9 5/8″  W:  2 3/4″