spoons for sale, March 2017

I’ve been slowly working my way through a pile of cherry spoon wood. All but one or two of this batch is from the same tree. And most all are crooks, bent/curved sections which lend the spoons their shape.

A couple of these got picked by people on a waiting list for spoons. I never intended there to be such a thing, but sometimes I get requests between postings of spoons for sale.

All the spoons are finished with food-safe flax oil. If for some reason, anyone is not happy with their spoon, just contact me & we can do a return/refund.

If you’d like to order one of these, just leave a comment and tell me which spoon you want. Paypal is the easiest way, or you can send a check. Let me know which payment method you prefer. The price  includes shipping in the US, otherwise, we’ll calculate some additional shipping costs.

thanks as always.


Spoon Mar #01,  SOLD

cherry. Maybe my favorite from the whole batch. I especially like to make these asymmetrical shaped spoons.

L: 11″  W: 1 3/4″


Spoon Mar #02, SOLD

cherry crook with a hook. This one was a thick crook, but not a good enough split to then split again. So I carved a hook under the handle.

L: 9 7/8″   W: 2 3/4″


Spoon Mar #03,  SOLD

sycamore, small crook. Sycamore is one of my favorite spoon woods. Takes chip carving very nicely.

L: 7 1/4″  W: 1 3/4″



Spoon Mar #04, SOLD

small cherry crook. I like the up-swept handle on this cherry spoon…it grew that way.

L:  7″  W: 1 3/4″



Spoon Mar #05, SOLD

small cherry crook, righty. This one also has a shape that grew in the tree…

L: 7 1/4″   W: 2″


Spoon Mar #06,  cherry cooking/serving    SOLD

L: 10″    W: 2 1/4″


Spoon Mar #07, cherry cooking/serving. A lightweight cooking spoon.

L:  10 1/2″  W: 2 1/4″



Spoon Mar #08, cherry medium crook  SOLD

L: 10″   W: 2″


Spoon Mar #o9, Autumn ?, very large crook – SOLD

L:  12 1/4″  W: 3″



Spoon Mar #10   SOLD

very large cherry crook. The biggest of this batch, I have one more like it I’m working up now. The bowl of this spoon is 3 1/8″ x 4 1/4″. I just carved the handle the other night, and it’s the beginning of some new chip carving ideas I’m working with…

L: 14″   W: 3 1/8″




Spoon Mar #11, cherry server  SOLD

L:  11″  W: 2 1/4″