SPOONS for sale – JUNE

Another batch of spoons for sale. As always, anyone buys one & is unhappy with it, send it back & I will return your purchase price. All the spoons are finished with flax oil.

If you’d like any of these, leave a comment and we’ll sort it out. Paypal is easiest, and I can send an invoice. Shipping is $6 in the US, includes insurance. Or you can mail a check the old-fashioned way too – Just let me know.

Peter Follansbee.  

3 Landing Rd

Kingston MA 02364

email peter.follansbee@verizon.net If you miss this round, there’s about 6 or 8 underway for the next round already. 

JUN #1   – SOLD Cherry, a long spoon. the first of many crooks, or bent branches, in this batch. These are tricky to plan, you have to “see” the spoon in the rough wood. There’s a few that got tossed, because they just didn’t work. Sometimes you hit a hidden knot, and then it’s firewood. This one has a deep bowl.  L:  10″  W:   2″ $50 JUN #1a

JUN #1b

JUN #1c

 JUN #2, cherry. Lefty is how it feels to me. The tree just went that way. I seem to get lots of lefty-twisting trees around here. 

L:   8 7/8″  W: 2 1/8″ $50  – SOLDJUN # 2b

JUN #2a

JUN #2c

JUN #3, cherry. a medium serving spoon. Double-finial. A slight crook, a long bowl. 

L:  8 1/2″  W:  2 1/4″ $45  – SOLD

JUN #3a

JUN # 3b

—– JUN #4. Yup, even more cherry. Lots of it came down in the storms late this past winter. Lots of it. This one’s a very pronounced crook, cherry is great for spoon crooks. 

L:  8 1/4″  W: 2″  $45 JUN #4a

JUN #4b

JUN #4c

JUN #4d

———- JUN #5. Doesn’t really look it, but also cherry. Just a snippet of heartwood on the underside of the bowl. 

L: 9 1/4″  W:  2″ $50  –  SOLDJUN #5a

JUN #5b

JUN #5c

JUN #5d

—– JUN #6. Also deceptive cherry. All sapwood, but sound. the sapwood will decay in the log soon if I don’t keep carving. This one’s ambidextrous, but leans a bit left. 

L:  9 3/4″  W:  2 1/4″ $50  –  SOLDJUN #6s

JUN #6b

JUN #6d

—— JUN #7. Another left cherry spoon. One of my favorites in the batch. Top surface of the handle is slightly concave, to add to the shadow/light effect on the chipcarving. 

L:  8″  W:   2″+ $45 – SOLD

JUN #7a

JUN #7b

JUN #7c

———- JUN #8 – HA! Finally, apple. The next batch, which I am carving now has more apple in it. but this little one  got ahead of the others. 

L: 5 3/4″   W: 1 7/8″ $30   SOLDJUN #8a

JUN #8b

JUN #8c

—— JUN #9. Back to cherry. A very nice wood for spoon carving. I’ll never turn it down; but it’s a bit tough to work. Harder than some others like apple or birch. 

L: 6 3/8″  W: 2″ $30 JUN #9a

JUN #9b

JUN #10. Cherry, with some streaking in the handle. Trapped bark or some other effect. So I quit the chip carving. I couldn’t see to cut it, and you wouldn’t see the result. 

L: 6″  W:  1 3/4″ $25

JUN #10a

JUN #10b

———— JUN #11 You guessed it, cherry. Streaky sapwood. From a crook like most of the others; it had some tearout on the outside of the bowl. I lightly hit it with sandpaper, usually only reserved for inside the bowl. 

L:  7 1/4″ W: 1 7/8″ $35  – SOLD JUN #11a

JUN #11b

——— JUN #12. Saved the best for last. This one is my absolute favorite of this bunch. Small, twisted. A spoon-sculpture. Righty for a change. Cherry w heartwood in the bowl. I’m afraid if you want this one, you’ll have to pay. 

Length 6″ Bowl is 2″ wide.   $50.   SOLDJUN #12a

JUN #12b

JUN #12c

JUN #12d


7 thoughts on “SPOONS for sale – JUNE

  1. Lee Sanders says:
    I would like to buy #7. Please e-mail me the costs and I shall send check,thanks,Lee Sanders

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