Here’s the spoons for sale for July. I’m rounding up boxes and packing materials, so I hope to be able to send these out in a timely fashion. Shipping is $6 in the US, per order – NOT PER SPOON. i.e. if you want more than one spoon, it’s still $6, not more. 

Finish is flax oil. They are listed by #, then description, then price, then photos. Leave a comment letting me know which spoon(s) you would like. That way we have a time record of who gets what.

I can send a paypal invoice, or you can mail a check to me – here’s the particulars:

Peter Follansbee

3 Landing Rd.

Kingston, MA 02364

Thanks for all your support, I never could have imagined the spoons would be so popular. I’m very appreciative. 



JUL #11. Maybe this is more of that wood. I forget. Or it’s apple without heartwood. Thus I think the former. Radially split, but this wood shows no figure anyway – part of what makes it great for chipcarving.  W:  2″   L:   8 3/4″ $ 40

JUL 011 carving

JUL 011 overall

JUL 011 side



JUL #1 – cherry. I really like making the spoons from crooks like this one. Small, challenging and very engaging both in the making & using. This one had three little knots/birds’ eyes in the handle. I just lined the chip carving up with the row of eyes. Note that baseballs have invaded my house, my consciousness, and now once again, my photos. This spoon is probably my favorite of this batch.  W:  2 1/4″    L:   6 1/2″ $45   –  SOLD JUL 01

JUL 01 side view

JUL 01 carving detail w knots

JUL 01 rear view


JUL #2 – cherry. Lefty, weirdo shape. One of my favorite kind of spoons, those that come from odd twisted branches. These require some gymnastics in hewing, trying to sneak the hatchet into weird angles to rough out the shape. I pushed & pushed on this one, then almost cut right through the bowl! Light shines through when you get it just right.  W:  2 3/4″   L: 12″   $70  – SOLD

JUL 02 lefty overall

JUL 02 lefty upright

JUL 02 side view———————————————-

JUL #3 – This spoon is apple, which is just a gorgeous wood to work with. I met a grower who said they were now using dwarf trees to grow the fruit, and right away I thought, but what about the wood??? Where would a spoon carver be w/o apple?  W:  1 3/4″     L:  8 1/2″  $ 40  – SOLD

JUL 03 overall

JUL 03 back of bowl

JUL 03 side view


JUL #4 – Apple. The big one. This is the largest spoon/ladle I have made. It’s like a bowl with a handle.  The spoon’s bowl is 4″ x 5″ – it took some doing to hollow that thing. There’s a knot in the handle, so I carved a free-form pattern around it.  W:  4″    L:   13 3/4″ $ 100   –  SOLD

JUL 04 overall

JUL 04 rear view

JUL 04 side view

JUL 04 w baseball

JUL 04 carving


JUL #5 – Apple. A nice serving or cooking spoon. Usually there’s mostly cherry spoons, but this batch I struck the apple stash from last winter/spring’s storms. It’s hard to get knot-free wood out of an apple tree, but worth the hassle.  W:  2 3/4″     L:   11 3/4″ $ 60  –  SOLD

JUL 05 bowl

JUL 05 carving

JUL 05 overall


JUL #6 – apple. This one is radially-split, right along the heartwood/sapwood line.  W: 2 1/4″     L:   91/4″ $ 45  –   SOLD

JUL 06 overall

JUL 06 rear

JUL 06 side view


JUL #7 – birch. Found this crook one day when out walking in the park. When birch is fresh, it’s one of the best woods for spoons. A small spoon with a long handle. From a perfect crook.  W:   1 1/2″    L:   9 1/2″ $ 40  –  SOLD

JUL 07 bowl

JUL 07 overall

JUL 07 side

JUL 07 w baseball


JUL #8. Well, this one’s embarrassing. It’s from that log I wrote about on the blog – the one I couldn’t identify. Most of the responses I got, while well-intentioned, were also off the mark. Not beech, not poplar, not this, not that. Some reasonable speculation that it’s black birch, or some other birch that ain’t white. A lovely spoon wood, whatever it is. Carves like a dream.  W: 2″    L:   7 1/2″ $ 35  –  SOLD

JUL 08 overall

JUL 08 rear


JUL # 9. More of the same. I had so much fun carving these. Great wood. It’s hard to make a bad spoon with it… W:   2″+   L:   9″ $ 45  – SOLD

JUL 09 overall

JUL 09 rear


JUL #10. Another. This one had a sweep in the handle that I kept. Then followed that shape with the pattern of chip carving.  W:  2 3/8″    L:   9″ $ 45  – SOLD JUL 010 carving

JUL 010 overall


JUL #12. I sound like a broken record, but here’s that wood again. I assume we’re all of an age where that phrase means something… W: 2 3/8″     L:   9″ $ 45  – SOLD

JUL 012

JUL 012 rear bowl

JUL #13 -cherry. Ahh, a cherry spoon sneaks back in. A medium-sized serving or cooking spoon, with an oval/pointed bowl.  W:   2 1/8″   L:   10 1/2″ $ 50  –  SOLD JUL 013 overall

JUL 013 rear bowl

JUL 013 side


JUL #14 – apple. A different spoon for me. Using the grain and irregular pattern in the wood to emphasize the spoon. Thus just a bit of carved decoration. A skewed shovel shape. Say that fast.  W:  2 3/8″    L:   9 3/4″ $ 45   –  SOLD

JUL 014 overall

JUL 014 rear

JUL 014 streak carving


JUL #15 – PAIR of cherry spoons. These either got missed or passed over last time. Now I have paired them up, because they fell that way as I shuffled them around in the basket. One has a slightly larger bowl, but hey are generally about the same size.  W:  c. 2″    L:   c. 6″ $ 50 for the pair   – SOLD JUL 015 & 16 rear

JUL 015 & 16 side

JUL 015 & 16


JUL #16 – apple. I thought this was another left-behind, but as I checked, it never got posted last time. Another cooking/serving spoon.  W:   2 3/4″    L:   11″ $ 60 –  SOLD JUL 016 overall

JUL 017 rear


15 thoughts on “SPOONS FOR SALE – JULY 2013 – SOLD OUT

  1. Hi Peter, I’d like #1 if still available. If not, how about #6 or #10?

    Thanks, hope you are staying cool. Happy 4th!


  2. Hi Peter,
    I would like to buy number 6 (unless Kevin A. has decided on it as an alternative to number 1, of course). Beautiful spoons!

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