spoon 01 = cherry.  SOLD

L:  9 1/8″  W: 2 1/4″

made from cherry sapwood and heartwood combined, right now a very striking pattern. Over time, with use and exposure to light, the colors will mute. It will still look nice, but not as bold as now. I look at this one as a medium serving spoon. Or if you are a big-mouth…


spoon 01 APR

spoon 01 APR front

spoon 01 APR back


spoon 02 – cherry.  – SOLD

L:  5 1/2″  W:  2 1/2″

I really favor these whacky shapes that stem from crooks, usually where a branch meets the trunk. Or where a branch takes a sudden turn, as is often the case in fruitwoods like cherry and apple. There’s lots of these that never make it for one reason or another. They are the devil to split, and sometimes have hidden knots that ruin them. This one worked out perfectly. An all-time favorite, til the next one comes along. 


spoon 02 APR end view

spoon 02 APR profile

spoon 02 APR side


spoon 03 – apple

L:  11 1/8″    W: 2 3/4″

Apple is a gorgeous wood to work with, but takes some effort in splitting out the blanks from which I make the spoons. Often they are rotten inside, then it’s just firewood. I managed to get a decent amount of apple in the storms of the past winter. Here is a cooking spoon-shape that I have been tinkering with for a couple of years. A pleasure to get one in apple. 


spoon 03 APR back

spoon 03 APR full


spoon 04 – apple  SOLD

L: 8 3/4″   W: 2 1/4″

More of the apple tree. A shovel-shaped bowl to this one. Usually the deepest and widest part of the bowl is towards the point where it meets the handle/stem. In this case, the shovel shape widens at the lip, or front of the bowl. Different look, different feel. 


spoon 04 APR back

spoon 04 APR front

spoon 04 APR side


spoon 05 – cherry   SOLD

L:  6 1/2″   W: 2″

Another spoon in a continuing series of straight spoons in cherry. I have a lot of cherry coming up. Here again, the sapwood/heartwood pattern is quite striking while new. Ten years from now, well…

a good eater. 


spoon 05 APR profile

spoon 05 APR side


spoon 06 – cherry   SOLD

L:  7 1/2″  W: 2″

Another in the series like the previous spoon; I eat with spoons like these two every day. 


spoon 06 APR bowl

spoon 06 APR full


spoon 07 – cherry   SOLD

L:   8 1/8″   W:  2 7/8″

Back to weird shapes in serving spoons. Stark lighting, very dramatic, but the shadow in the first picture gives you some idea of the shape of this serving spoon. When you look at a spoon like this, watch to see if the grain runs from the handle down through the stem to the bowl…ideally the shape emanates from the crook in the tree. The tree determines the shape of a spoon like this.


spoon 07 APR top view

spoon 07 APR overall

spoon 07 APR sapwood

spoon 07 APR w shadow


spoon 08 – cherry   SOLD

L:  7 3/4″   W: 2 5/8″

This one falls between the straight spoons and the crooks. I coaxed the shape, by undercutting the handle more here, less there. A nice size serving spoon. 


spoon 08 back

spoon 08 top view

spoon 08 side view


spoon 09 – cherry   SOLD

L: 8 1/8″    W: 1 1/2″

One of the straight spoons for eating, but a bit longer than the earlier ones. Almost all heartwood, so no speech about patina, etc. 


spoon 08 APR overall

spoon 08 APR bowl


10 thoughts on “SPOONS FOR SALE – APRIL 2013

  1. These are beautiful. Alas, I could only pay for shipping. I need to find me a knife and learn how to make some. I have a yard full of downed silver maple which might work well for practicing, and I have an unlimited supply of apple and pear.

    Tool recommendations? (please be inexpensive, please be inexpensive…)

    • I’ve been ignoring all of the email offers from Hyper Kitten and Mr. Leach and others in the hope you would have some spoons for sale.

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