After this batch goes out the door, I’m going to look into some of the suggestions I got about making selling more straight-forward. In the meantime, if you want one of these spoons, leave a comment about which one you’d like. It will help if you let me know your preferred payment method, paypal or check. From this end, paypal is easiest, but I will take checks if you want to send them. All the spoons are finished with flax oil. Anybody ever has a problem, I’ll take the spoon back, refund your money (minus shipping) w no questions asked. thanks for all your support.

PF ——————–

spoon 14-10 – cherry serving/cooking spoon. With this one, I fiddled a bit with the spacing of the chip-carving. It’s fun to see how it plays out when you change this or that element.

L:  11 1/4″  W:  2 3/4″ $70 plus shipping  SOLD spoon 14-10 spoon 14-10 side —————————-

spoon 14-12. Same size as the previous; also cherry serving/cooking. More chip-carving sampler on the handle; experimenting with the spacing & sequence.

L: 11 1/4″  W:  2 3/4″ $70 plus shipping  SOLD spoon 14-12 side spoon 14-12 ————————–

14-13. Apple. I mentioned this one on the blog recently; it had oxidized for a while before I finish-carved it. The result is a deep dark apple-wood color. Radially split, this spoon should be a keeper…

L: 11″  W:  3″ $80 plus shipping  SOLD spoon 14-13 side spoon 14-13 carving detail ————————

spoon 14-14. American name for this wood is Sycamore, Buttonwood, Plane tree – a great wood for woodenware. Carves very nicely. I hate to see the trees cut though, one of my favorite trees. This wood came from a trimming a large sycamore got at work…some of the last I have of this tree. Not from a crook; so there’s some patterning in the bowl. I nice long-handled spoon.

L: 10 1/2″  W:  2″ $50 plus shipping  SOLDspoon 14-14 overall spoon 14-14 side spoon 14-14 bowl ———————-

spoon 14-15. Another of the sycamore, this one a server. Wide pointy bowl a fairly new shape for me. Heartwood in the bowl, crisp carving in the handle.

L 10 1/2″  W” 2 1/2″ $70 plus shipping  SOLD spoon 14-15 bowl spoon 14-15 overall spoon 14-15 carving ————————–

spoon 14-17. An outright kooky birch spoon. Not really from a crook, but had a bend to it. This was a fast-growing birch sapling; it’s translucent when oiled.

L:  10″  W: 2″ $45 plus shipping  SOLDspoon 14-17 overall spoon 14-16 bowl ————————

spoon 14-18 The olive wood that’s either Russian or Autumn Olive. This small spoon is clearly a righty; nice crook and shaping to it.

L:   7″  W:  2″ $50  plus shipping  – SOLDspoon 14-18 overall spoon 14-18 angled —————————-

spoon 14-19 – same wood as above. Let’s call it Russian Olive until I know more…this wood is very dense, and develops crooks like nobody’s business.

L:  6 3/4″ W:   1  3/4″ $40 plus shipping  SOLD spoon 14-19 overall spoon 14-19 side ————————-

spoon 14-20, Cherry. sapwood. A tiny bowl on a long-ish handle, from a crook.

L: 8 1/2″   W:  1  3/8″ $40  plus shipping   SOLD spoon 14-20 spoon 14-20 side view—————————-

spoon 14-21, another cherry sapwood spoon. Also tiny, this time small all around.

L:  6:  W:  1 1/2″ $35 plus shipping  SOLD spoon 14-21 overall spoon 14-21 angled view———————–

spoon 14-22, birch again. Small spoon, with a slightly large bowl..

L:  7″   W:   2  1/4″ $35 plus shipping  – SOLDspoon 14-22 overall spoon 14-22 angled view


12 thoughts on “SPOONS FEB pt 2 – SOLD OUT, MORE SOON

  1. Hi Peter,
    It’s Michael Doherty. Took your class last September. I would love to reserve 14-12 if it is still available. If not, 14-13.
    Thank you!

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