SPOONS etc for sale, March 6, 2016

A new batch of spoons, with a couple of other bits. Prices posted include shipping in the US, for elsewhere, email me & I’ll figure out the shipping. I can send a paypal invoice, or you can send a check, just let me know. Leave a comment or send an email if you’d like to order any of these items. I appreciate everyone’s support of my work.

Peter Follansbee
3 Landing Rd
Kingston MA 02364
email: Peter.Follansbee@verizon.net


Spoon Jan 07; SOLD

Birch crook. With a hook…a large serving spoon. I keep coming back to this form, it’s one of my favorites. This one’s left from last time. I’ll try this time, then it’s up to the kitchen with it.

L: 13 3/4″  W: 2 3/4″

spoon 16-07 side

spoon 16-07 overall




spoon Jan 03, SOLD

a righty cooking or serving spoon. Birch.

L: 9 1/2″  W:  2 1/4″

spoon 16-03



Spoons 16-12 & 13. SOLD

I’m offering these as a pair. They are both from the same crook of maple; and I was so pleased with the way they came out that I’ve kept them together. I rarely make a spoon from the underside of a crook, but the narrower one here really worked out well. It might be the most functional spoon I’ve made in ages. The wider one is more typical of my serving/cooking spoons – the bowl is hollowed in the bark side of the split. I carved the handles with the same general pattern, a bit more detail in the wider one…

L: 12 3/4″    W: wide one 2 1/2″ narrow is 1 7/8″

spoon pair 16-13 overall

spoon pair 16-12 overall

spoon pair bowls

spoon pair side view both


spoon 16-09; SOLD

a small spoon/scoop with a wide bowl/blade. Yellow birch – the outdoor photo’s a bit dark, but shows the shape & carving nicely.

L: 6 1/2″    W: 2 3/4″

spoon 16-09

spoon 16-09 side


spoon 16-15; SOLD

serving/ cooking spoon in birch.

L:  9 1/2″    W: 2″

spoon 16-15 overall

spoon 16-15 bowl


spoon 16-10; SOLD

yellow birch

this winter I started breaking up the spoon handle into 3 sections for the decorative carving. I like this one in particular.

L:  8 7/8″    W:  1 3/4″

spoon 16-10 overall

spoon 16-10 side B


spoon 16-11; SOLD

A friend of mine gave me this wood, said it was wild black cherry. Not as tough to carve as the black cherry that’s so abundant here. A nice crook to this one.

L:  11 1/2″ W: 2 1/4″

spoon 16-11 vertical

spoon 16-11 best

spoom 16-11 side


spoon 16-17; SOLD

a small birch crook.

L: 8 3/4″ W: 2 1/4″
$ 55

spoon 16-17


spoon 16-18; SOLD

a small cherry crook; all sapwood.

L:  9″   W:2″

spoon 16-18 overall

spoon 16-18 saide



Hewn bowl 16-01.  hewn with adzes and hatchets, finished with gouges. I started this one as part of a video I shot for Lie-Nielsen, probably coming out this year.  The wood is a true poplar, as opposed to the tulip poplar from further south. (Also a good wood for hewn bowls.) Chip-carved on the rims and handles.

L:  19″  W: 6 1/2″   H:  2 1/2″-3″


bowl 16-01

bowl 16-01 detail

hewn bowl 16-01 long


Carved panel 16-01; Alaskan yellow cedar.    SOLD

What a wood! I’m still hoarding what I brought home from there last spring. It’s a great wood for carving. Here, one of my 17th-century style designs, imposed on an ancient wood from the northwest.

H: 11 1/4″   W: 14″

yellow cedar panel