Spoons, bowls & more for sale: Jan 2016 shop-build fundraiser

Here’s the recent (January 2016) spoons, a couple of bowls I just finished, and other bits I have for sale. The proceeds will help me with materials for finishing the workshop I have underway. Prices include shipping in US.

Email  if you’d like any of these items. I can send a paypal invoice, or you can mail a check. Just let me know. Thanks as always. Peter.Follansbee@verizon.net   

(I used to have people leave a comment here to choose a spoon, etc – that way everyone could follow to see if something is available or not. But now it seems that pages aren’t taking comments, whereas posts are. I just spent 2 hours trying to get to the bottom of that. Time I’ll never get back…)


Spoon Jan 07; Birch crook. With a hook…a large serving spoon. I keep coming back to this form, it’s one of my favorites.

L: 13 3/4″  W: 2 3/4″

spoon jan 07 top

spoon jan 07 side


spoon Jan 03, a righty cooking or serving spoon. Birch.

L: 9 1/2″  W:  2 1/4″


spoon jan 03


spoon jan 02 side


Hewn bowl 16-01.  hewn with adzes and hatchets, finished with gouges. I started this one as part of a video I shot for Lie-Nielsen, probably coming out this year.  The wood is a true poplar, as opposed to the tulip poplar from further south. (Also a good wood for hewn bowls.) Chip-carved on the rims and handles.

L:  19″  W: 6 1/2″   H:  2 1/2″-3″


hewn bowl 16-01 long

hewn bowl 16-01 inside

bowl 16-01 detail


Hewn bowl 16-02; also poplar, also done for the video shoot. finally getting around to finishing bowls started last summer. This one the carving is done like furniture, with gouges and a mallet, rather than a knife for the chip carving.

L:  21 1/2″  W: 8 1/2″ H: 2 1/2″-4″


hewn bowl 16-02

hewn bowl 16-02 top

hewn bowl 16-02 end


Carved panel 16-01; Alaskan yellow cedar. What a wood! I’m still hoarding what I brought home from there last spring. It’s a great wood for carving. Here, one of my 17th-century style designs, imposed on an ancient wood from the northwest.

H: 11 1/4″   W: 14″

yellow cedar panel



If you’d like to help the workshop project; it’s time for me to start getting the insulation, sheathing, flooring, shingles, and other materials. I’ve added a “donate” button. This is strictly for the workshop project…not for my lavish lifestyle. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Spoon Jan 01 – SOLD

apple. I feel like JoJo Wood I like this spoon so much. From a large apple crook that was first destined for a bowl, but didn’t make it. Small handle, large bowl. Great fiddle-back grain in the back end of the bowl.

L: 8″  W: 3″

spoon jan 01

spoon jan 01 front view

spoon jan 01 profile


Spoon Jan 02; SOLD

a nice serving spoon from a birch crook.

L: 9″  W: 2 1/2″

spoon jan 02




spoon Jan 05; SOLD

yellow birch. A teeny crook, had some knots here & there, so I cut out a short section. Seems like a scoop.

L:  5 1/2″ W:  2 1/2″

spoon jan 04

spoon jan 04 side


spoon Jan06; SOLD

Birch. a nice straight-grained spoon. I call this size a yogurt spoon, good for doling out the morning’s serving.

L: 8 1/4″   W:  2″

spoon jan 05

spoon jan 05 side




spoon Jan 08; SOLD

pear tree. I keep wanting to call it dogwood, it reminds me of that. Hard, smooth. A nice wood for spoons.

L: 10″  W: 3″

spoon jan 08top 2