Spoons, baskets & furniture for sale, November 2015

Some spoons and a few other items for sale. Leave a comment if you’d like to order any items. Typically paypal is the easiest way to pay, but if you’d prefer to send a check, we can do that too. Just let me know. Otherwise, I’ll send an invoice through paypal. Prices include shipping in the US. For elsewhere, we can figure out additional shipping.

The spoons’ finish is food-grade flax oil. The furniture is usually linseed oil, some with mineral pigments to color it. 

Thanks as always for the interest in my work; I appreciate it.

Peter Follansbee

3 Landing Rd Kingston MA, o2364



nov #04. SOLD –

Apple. A small/large serving spoon. These spoons always crack me up; large bowl, little handle. There were knots & other problems on each end of this pronounced crook, but I got a spoon from the good stuff left between.

L:  6 3/4″  W:  2 3/4″


nov #04 top
nov #04
nov #04 side
nov #04 side view


nov #01, SOLD

I’ve had this notion to make a whole series of labelled spoons in as many local woods as I can wrangle. I never get anywhere with the idea, but here’s an “apple” example. A real nice crook to this one, and a wiggle in the handle to boot.

L:  8 1/2″ W:  2 1/4″


nov #01
nov #01


medium swing handle basket

Another swing-handle basket. Ash basket, white oak rims & handle. 

Dia: 10″ (inside)  H (to rim) 8″

$360 includes shipping in US.

lg swing handle

lg swing handle closed

lg swing handle inside


rectangular basket

two handles. Ash & white oak

L: 13″  W: 9 1/2″    H:  7 1/2″


rect basket long

rect basket


square bottom basket

ash & white oak

diameter: 11 1/2″  H: to rims, 7″


sq basket side

sq basket


This box is one of several I have available right now. I just have to empty it before shipping… see this page https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/furniture-sale-winter-2015/ for other boxes, and some miscellaneous furniture.

H: 7 1/4″  W: 17″ D: 11 3/4″

discounted price is $550 plus shipping.

carved box

carved box side

carved box till



spoon #nov 07,   SOLD

birch. a large-ish serving/cooking spoon. Made from a nicely shaped crook, so the grain follows the shape all the way out to the end of the bowl.
L: 12″  W: 3 1/4″


nov #07 top



nov #06,   SOLD

serving spoon/cooking spoon. Pear. Might be the first time I ever used this wood. Carves wonderfully.

L: 10 1/4″  W: 2 3/4″

nov #06


nov #05. SOLD

sycamore. Got this wood when I was down at Roy Underhill’s this past spring. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been making spoons. Sycamore is always one of my favorites, grows in nice shapes; this one’s a good crook’d spoon.

L: 10″  W:  2 3/4″


nov #05 top
nov #05
nov #05 side
nov #05 side view




nov #03. SOLD

Back to some sycamore…this wood takes the chip carving details as good as any I’ve cut.

L: 9 3/4″  W: 2 1/2″



nov #03 top
nov #03
nov #03 side
nov #03 side view


nov #02, SOLD

another in pear. An ambitious soup spoon, but I’d use it as a small serving spoon. Nice ripple in the grain of the bowl.

L:  6 3/4″ W:  2 1/4″


nov #02 top
nov #02
nov #02 side
nov #02 side



Large swing handle basket – SOLD

ash & white oak. This is my favorite type basket to use; the handle flops down out of the way.

Dia: 12 1/2″ (inside)  H (to rim) 10″

$460 includes shipping in the US.

nov swing handle large

nov swing handle open

nov swing handle detail

nov swing handle bottom




Spoon rack.  – SOLD 

Alaska yellow cedar. A mish-mash item; wood from Alaska/British Columbia; the form from New Jersey/Pennsylvania, the decoration based on 17th-century English/New England work. Made to hang on the wall. I had this stunningly clear section of yellow cedar & knew I had to carve something with some oomph to it…

W: 11 1/2″  H: 21 1/4″  D: 5″


spoon rack filled

spoon rack

spoon rack front view