SPOONS, BASKETS & BOWLS for sale, March 2015

 Here’s what I have finished for March- let me know if you’d like to order anything by leaving a comment. Paypal or check is the way to go. I can send a paypal invoice or you can send a check. Just let me know which. Shipping in the US is $7 per order, the larger items shipping is included. As always, thanks for your support…it helps keep things going…

Peter Follansbee

3 Landing Rd

Kingston MA 02364 





Spoon 15-01; SOLD

Cherry serving/cooking spoon. SOLD

L: 12 1/4″ , W: 3″ Mostly sapwood, with some heartwood in the bowl.

$80 plus shipping




15-05  – SOLD

cherry serving spoon. I have a real weak spot for whacky-shaped spoons. This one falls into that category, a decided left-leaning spoon, from a cherry crook that aimed that way.

L: 10 1/2″. W: 2 7/8″

$70 plus shipping



15-07 – SOLD

cherry again. If anything, this one’s weirder than it’s relative #15-05. A smaller server, a nice crook, for a sculptural effect. This cherry tree is providing some interesting stuff.

L:9″ W:2″

$50 plus shipping



15-12 SOLD

birch, curvy crook. A small sculptural, but still functional, serving spoon.

L: 8″ W: 2 1/2″

$50 plus shipping



15-13. SOLD

Boxwood. This one’s rare for me. It’s the first spoon I’ve ever carved from box. Harder than nails. Just a touch of chip-carving, I feared for my knife tip. Price reflects the rarity; sun-lit photo shows the color better…

L: 7″ W : 1 1/2″

$ 90 plus shipping




15-14, SOLD

birch. A VERY large serving spoon; from a gentle crook, so a nice sweep to it.

L: 12″  W:  3 3/4″

$120 plus shipping





15-15; SOLD

rhododendron. One of my favorite woods for spoons, maybe even better than apple! Great shapes in those shrubs.

L: 9″  W: 1 3/4″

$50 plus shipping



15-15 side



15-16, SOLD

birch. A nice evenly-balanced serving spoon.

L:  9 1/4″  W: 2 1/4″

$50 plus shipping



15-18, SOLD

birch. Another server, slightly righty. Long-bladed spoon.

L: 9″ W: 2 1/2″

$60 plus shipping



15-20; apple.  SOLD

A long serving spoon, with heartwood in the bowl.

L:  10 3/4″  W: 2 1/2″

$70 plus shipping15-20

15-20 detail


15-01b, Large swing-handle basket. Ash basket, white oak rims & handle. This is my type favorite basket to use; the handle flops down out of the way.

Dia: 10″ (inside)  H (to rim) 8″

$360 includes shipping in US.

lg swing handle

lg swing handle closed

lg swing handle inside

15-02b, a medium-sized rectangular basket, with a “filled” bottom. There are strips woven in to fill the spaces between the uprights in the base. Ash and white oak rims and handle.

L: 10 1/2″ W: 8″  H: (to rim) 5″

$260 includes shipping in US

sm rectangular

sm rectangular bottom

15-03b,  SOLD

small swing handle basket. Ash, white oak rims and handle, hickory bark lashing.

Similar to the one above, but smaller.
Dia. (inside): 8 1/2″  H (to rim): 6″

$260 includes shipping in US.

sm swing handle sm swing handle closed




HB15-01, hewn bowl. SOLD


A nice size for our table, a good fruit bowl. Chip-carved along both sides.

L: 12 1/4″ W: 6 1/2″

$325 includes shipping in US.

HB 15-01

HB 15-01 end

HB 15-01 side


a couple of other bowls, and a carved panel –

hewn bowl 14-04, catalpa

L: 10 1/2″ W: 5 3/4″  D: 5″

$325 including shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-04 catalpahewn bowl 14-04 endhewn bowl 14-14 overall


hewn bowl 14-03, birch. L: 15 14″ W: 7 1/2″  H: 3″

$425 including shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-03

hewn bowl 14-03 lit

hewn bowl 14-03 bottom





6 thoughts on “SPOONS, BASKETS & BOWLS for sale, March 2015

  1. I would like 15-14 and 15-05. Also can I place a order for apple wood spoon like 15-20? Love your work, just found it on the internet. Please invoice and I will pay via paypal. Thank you so much. Beth

  2. Peter, I would like to purchase the remaining three spoons. I see that you are out of town so no rush whatsoever. Thanks!

  3. Hey! Rick Ryan’s wife, Betsy, here! Are you putting up more spoons and bowls for sale, here? Interested in three-five spoons at $60-$75 each, for Christmas. Also, do you make any smaller bowls – say, for around $100? No harm in askin’, right?
    Thanks, much… Betsy

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