Greenwood Fest instructors: Barn Carder

Part of my job in Greenwood Fest is lining up the instructors. In one sense, it’s easy – I write or call some friends and offer them a paying job. It another sense, this round 2 is hard, because I have to leave some people out so we can have some new people in. And which new people? There ain’t enough room for all of us…

We’re very pleased to include Barn Carder this time.



Here’s the page for Greenwood Fest;

Like many of us from the US, I first heard of Barn through Robin Wood’s blog. And last summer I was lucky enough to go over to Derbyshire for Spoonfest, the largest international gathering of spoon carvers. Robin and Barn co-founded Spoonfest. There, I got to meet & spend a good amount of time with Barn. You’re going to love getting to know him. We ask each participant to send us a short blurb about themselves, and everyone who has ever had to write those knows how awful they are. Here’s Barn’s:

“No one in Britain knows more about crafting a spoon from green wood than Barn The Spoon” – The Guardian

Barn really does love spoons, he has been fully immersed in the Wood Culture Renaissance for a while now and there doesn’t seem to be any letting up. Recognised for his unique depth of knowledge, and artisanal approach to production carving. He adapts simple, traditional designs to sell to a modern market. From living in the woods and peddling spoons on foot, to a high street shop in London and setting up The Green Wood Guild he keeps himself busy with fresh wood fibres and sharp tools.


That’s all well & good – but another element that is missing in that description is humor.  Barn has a great approach to his teaching. He’s really consumed with spoon carving, and has a great willingness to share that passion. His manner and methods are infectious. This will be Barn’s first time teaching in the US, he’ll teach a session before the festival, and be there throughout as well. He has a lot of web presence, so you can find stuff about him, and the Greenwood Guild that he is involved with easily. He’s got an Instagram feed –


But for me, the video clip that best presents Barn is the one he & Robin Wood did for Hole & Corner:

Greenwood Fest 2017

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Paula Marcoux has been working like the madwoman that she is, getting the website ready for Plymouth CRAFT’s Greenwood Fest 2017. Last year, we dribbled out announcements about the instructors one-by-one. This year, she’s got it almost all ready to go in one fell swoop.

I will write posts about them as we go – for example, Roy Underhill. Do I really need to write about Roy?

roy & shavings 3

For now you can look over the website for the festival, and the SEVEN courses beforehand. Lots of great instructors; a huge pile of wood, this time plenty of coffee, and more fun than you can stand. Registration January 4th.

see you there?

thank you, all

Thank you. I really am quite a lucky person. For 20 years, I had a job I really loved, got to work every day at making things from wood, while talking to people from all over the world. Then 2 1/2 years ago, I left that work to strike out on my own, and I’ve been very fortunate to have many friends, family, students, readers, editors and more to help me along.

This year I have been almost completely immersed in building my own shop, owing to the incredible generosity of Pret Woodburn. There’s no way to measure what Pret has done for me this year…here he is cutting the first joints in the sills, a year ago today.


As the shop project nears completion, I’ll be shifting back to woodworking on a smaller scale more frequently. Furniture, spoons, carved bowls, and I don’t know what else. I have a few commissions to focus on, as well as my usual travel-and-teaching. And Greenwood Fest 2017 in June.


Today I am boxing & shipping the most recent batch of spoons. I want to convey my utmost thanks to all the readers of the blog, students in workshops, all of you who through various means support my work. Not just financially, but through comments, emails – all of it. I appreciate it. I’m unemployable otherwise, so all you’ve done for me means a lot!


And maybe 2017 I’ll get some more birds back on the blog –


Last spoons for sale Dec 2016 – SOLD OUT.


There were only a few spoons available, and they sold out quickly. Thanks to all who support my efforts here, for those who missed out on this batch, there will be more. I’ll try for some soon, but certainly after the New Year. 

thanks again, everyone. 


a few last spoons for sale…paypal is simplest. Pick out a spoon, leave a comment & I’ll send an invoice. Prices include shipping in US. Elsewhere will require an additional charge. Finish is flax oil. It’s been fun delving into spoon carving again – building the shop left me little time. That is now changing and I plan on having them for sale regularly again in 2017. Thanks as always for the support.

Dec spoon 1 –  SOLD

birch. A little-big spoon. From a short, but nice crook in a birch limb.

L: 7″ W:  2 3/8″




Dec Spoon 2.    SOLD

Also birch, a great crook that a friend gave me a couple of weeks ago.

L: 9 1/4″  W: 2 1/4″





Dec spoon 3 – SOLD  

birch again. Slightly longer serving spoon/cooking spoon.

L: 9 1/2″  W: 2 1/2″




Dec spoon 4. SOLD

Cherry, streaky heartwood & sapwood.

L: 10 1/4″  W: 2 1/2″




Dec spoon 5    SOLD

A longer birch serving/cooking spoon.

L: 12 1/4″   W: 2 3/4″




Dec spoon 6;   SOLD

cherry. A nice accident; I roughed this spoon out & then lost track of it. Its color deepened over that time to a nice nut-brown.

L:  11 1/2″  W:  3″





Dec spoon 7. – SOLD

Cherry again. A huge crook. Some ripples in the grain of the handle. A big spoon.

L:  13 3/4″  W: 3 1/4″





Dec spoon 8 – SOLD.

Birch. My best spoon of 2016. It really made itself, the crook was so good. I had little to do…

L:  15 1/4″  W:  3″




Greenwood Fest 2017 from Plymouth CRAFT


Yes, we’re dumb enough. Last year, during Plymouth CRAFT’s first-ever Greenwood Fest, the question we got more than any other (except “Is there more coffee?”) was “Are you going to do this next year?” – and our catch phrase became “If we’re dumb enough to do this again…”

We’re thrilled to be so stupid! We can’t wait. The dates for Plymouth CRAFT’s Greenwood Fest 2017 are Friday June 9-Sunday June 11, 2017 at the Pinewoods Dance Camp in Plymouth Massachusetts. There will be several 2-day classes ahead of the festival, from lunchtime on Tues June 6th through lunchtime Thursday June 8th.

Paula Marcoux & I are working on the lineup, classes, descriptions and all that jazz. We are terribly sorry that our festival is in direct conflict, time-wise, with the Spoon Gathering in Milan, MN., but the dates are out of our hands pretty much. The Pinewoods Dance Camp is usually booked years ahead – that’s not an exaggeration. So we have to take the dates they have for us; and the best dates they have in terms of weather are early June. We apologize for not getting the dates out sooner.

Instructors include many returning from last year; Jögge Sundqvist, Dave Fisher, JoJo Wood – and others too. I’ll do some blog posts about them soon. Spoons, bowls, furniture, hewing – many aspects of green woodworking to explore.

Soon Paula will have the website up & running. It’s going to be posted with the classes offered, some (most?) of the schedule, etc before registration opens. That way, you’ll have time to decide about classes, etc. before panic sets in…

The best way to keep abreast of it all is to sign up for the newsletter from Plymouth CRAFT, but I’ll post updates here too of course.

here’s a video from last year –

Greenwood Fest 2016 from Harry Kavouksorian on Vimeo.

Jögge Sundqvist at TEDxUmea

One of the highlight’s of last year’s Greenwood Fest put on by Plymouth CRAFT was the presentation by Jogge Sundqvist called Rhythm & Slojd…
for a long time, a short version was available on the web. then it was gone. Now it’s back. but for the real thing, get on Plymouth CRAFT’s newsletter mailing list, so you find out about Greenwood Fest 2017 –