late November spoons & bowls for sale

 I’ve been making furniture lately, so haven’t had much time for spoons and other woodenware. I did finish a few things in the past month, thus this posting. So here’s the offerings for late November – some spoons in birch and cherry; a few hewn bowls and a couple of oak panels. Two baskets that I finished in the early fall. If you’d like to order something; leave a comment letting me know which item. Paypal is easiest all around, but I accept checks too if you’d rather do that. Just let me know. If you order more than one item, there’s just one shipping charge. 





spoon 14-109, birch – SOLD

L:  10″  W:   2 1/4″
$65 plus $7 shipping in US


spoon 14-109 new photospoon 14-109 new photo side view


spoon 14-120, birch, with a hook in the handle. 

L: 11 1/2″  W:  3 1/8″

$100 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-120 overallspoon 14-120 sidespoon 14-120 hook



spoon 14-121, birch

L: 10″  W:  2 3/4″

$75 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-121 overallspoon 14-121 overall 2spoon 14-121 side


hewn bowl 14-04, catalpa

L: 10 1/2″ W: 5 3/4″  D: 5″

$325 including shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-04 catalpa hewn bowl 14-04 end hewn bowl 14-14 overall


hewn bowl 14-03, birch. L: 15 14″ W: 7 1/2″  H: 3″

$425 including shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-03

hewn bowl 14-03 lit

hewn bowl 14-03 bottom


hewn bowl 14-05, birch.

L: 21″” W: 7 1/2″  H: 5″

$525 including shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-05 overall

hewn bowl 14-05 end view

hewn bowl 14-05 end view w shadows

hewn bowl 14-05 carving

hewn bowl 14-05 pinwheel


carved panel;  white oak. This one is un-framed.  an exquisite piece of quartersawn white oak. Makes a nice wall piece; I can attach hangers on the back if you wish. 

H: 15″  W: 9″
$250 including shipping in US. 

carved panel no frame 14-01





spoon 14-113, birch  SOLD

serving spoon/cooking spoon. Righty. 

L:10″  W: 2 3/4″

$60 plus $7 shipping in USspoon 14-113 B


spoon 14-113


spoon 14-114, birch – SOLD

L: 10″   W:  3″

$65 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-114 spoon 14-114 side——————-

spoon 14-115, birch   SOLD

L: 11 1/2″  W:  3″

$75 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-115


spoon 14-116, cherry  SOLD

L: 11″  W:  2 1/2″

$70 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-116 spoon 14-116 handle

spoon 14-116 bowl———————–

spoon 14-117, birch  SOLD

L: 10″  W:  2 3/4″

$70 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-117 spoon 14-117 side


spoon 14-118, cherry  SOLD

L: 10 5/8″  W:  2 5/8″

$70 plus $7 shipping in US

spoon 14-118 spoon 14-118 side spoon 14-118 overall B


spoon 14-119, birch  –  SOLD


I found this one among the finished spoons. If you want, I can carve one name in it, otherwise, I’ll do some usual chipcarving. 

$45 plus $7 shipping in US


spoon 14-119




spoon 14-122, cherry   SOLD

$70 plus $7 shipping in US

L::9 1/2″  W:  2 3/4″

spoon 14-122 spoon 14-122 side spoon 14-122 overall b




H: 19″  W: 17 3/4″   – SOLD

The Connecticut River Valley pattern I have used before, here as a cupboard door – (or wall hanging…) Red oak, with walnut and Atlantic white cedar. 
$475 including shipping in the US.

carved panel & frame CT

carved frame & panel CT detail


carved frame & panel CT detail 2



I’ve had a couple of people ask about baskets, so I’ll post a couple here and we’ll see what happens. Hand-made baskets are a world apart from the cheap imports we see all too often. To see about how I make these, there’s lots of blog posts about them, many of which are here: 

I pound the growth rings of white ash apart, then soak the resulting splints, trim them and weave them. The handles and rims are made from steam-bent white oak or hickory. I have many of these that I use every day, after 25 years they are still holding up fine. 


basket #14-01 – SOLD


ash, with white oak rims and handle. This one’s called a swing-handle, because the handle does just that, instead of being fixed in place. Linseed oil finish. 

H (to rim) : 8 1/2″    Diameter: 9 1/4″

$250 plus $15 shipping in US

basket 14-01 swing handle


basket #14-03 –  SOLD 

H (to rim): 6 3/4″    L: 12 1/2″   W:  9 1/2″
$200 plus $15 shipping in US

all of my baskets are white ash, this one has a hickory handle and white oak rims. this basket has a linseed oil finish. I sometimes use this to accelerate the patina – I have both finished and unfinished baskets, there’s no functional difference. 

14-03 basket basket 14-03 top





9 thoughts on “late November spoons & bowls for sale

  1. spoon 14-118, cherry
    L: 10 5/8″ W: 2 5/8″
    $70 plus $7 shipping in US

    Traveling, good for me. These are usually gone by the time I get to them. I would appreciate the above spoon.

    I don’t do Paypal so check would be best for me. Please provide details.

    Thanks for the blog and inspiration. Hope to take a class soon.

  2. Peter, I have what may be an odd request. I am looking for some riven white oak billets, 36″ in length, 4″ across. Pie shaped is fine, and 2″ wide at the tip is great, while still being 4″ from front to back. I’m looking for anything from 2 to 4, 36″ lengths.

    Riven from the buttress is my preference, as it has proven to be so incredibly strong. These are for escrima sticks.

    Is this anything you would be interested in selling me?

    Tim Berube

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