Late fall classes 2016

A couple of classes left for 2016, here’s the details.

Saturday & Sunday October 29 & 3oth, learn riving, hewing & drawknife work at Plymouth CRAFT.

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In this class, we split apart an oak log, learning how to “read” the log for best results. Then using a froe, we further break the stock down, and make garden hurdles. So, riving, hewing, shaving at a shaving horse, mortising – a busy weekend full of old techniques still applicable today. The link above will take you to the details.


Saturday & Sunday December 10 & 11  One more spoon carving workshop – also with Plymouth CRAFT, down at Overbrook House.


The joined chest class begins this weekend, (Oct 1 & 2) at Bob Van Dyke’s Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. One weekend per month for five months. with homework…but it’s how you learn this iconic furniture form. 2nd class is November 5 & 6, if you sign up by then you won’t be too far behind…