Ladderback chairs & oak boxes for sale

h: 6 1/2″  w: 24 1/4″  d: 14 3/4″

$650 includes shipping in US.  SOLD 

This box is from the loft – that means it’s been sitting around unfinished for anywhere from a few months, or, as in this case, several years. I forget when I made this one, but as soon as it had a bottom in it, I stored stuff in it. And never put a lid or base molding on it. ‘Til now. I was in the loft last week, and found this filled with odd coils of hickory bark. I put those in a cardboard box, and brought this and some sawn walnut down from the loft to finish it. The price is lower than the oak boxes below because this box has been around my shop for so long…

The carving is based on a box fragment that’s maybe from London, also in walnut. The corners this time are dovetailed; not un-heard of in the 17th century, but not commonly done for boxes. No till inside, just a large, shallow box. Iron hinges by Tom Latané. 

A detail of the carving, under this morning’s light:


These are based on the chairs made famous by Jennie Alexander in the book Make a Chair from a Tree. I learned to make these from Alexander and Drew Langsner.

Height is about 34″, width across the front about 17 1/2″ and seat height about 18″.

Below are three of these ladderbacks; and a related stool. The hickory chair is brand-new. The others are reduced in price a bit, the one with the Shaker tape seat having been used a bit. Details are:


This chair is made from hickory, with white oak slats. Hickory bark seat.
$1,200 plus shipping.


This one has ash posts, red oak slats and rungs, also a hickory bark seat. It got used in the shop some, so a bit scuffed here & there.
$900 plus shipping.


RED OAK CHAIR, Shaker tape seat   – SOLD

This chair is used, we’ve had it around the house for two years. Other than a ding on the outer edge of one rear post (see detail photo showing the slats below) there’s nothing wrong with it. Shaker tape seat with a foam cushion-stuffing.

$800 plus shipping.

When the chair was brand-new, I had it in the house to photograph it, and one of the cats knocked it off a table. That’s when the rear post got a small dent, visible right between the slats on the post on our left. That’s why I kept the chair


Post & Rung stool – SOLD

Constructed with the same techniques as the chair, this stool is one I made in preparation for an article in Fine Woodworking. It was extra in case we blew some of the photo shoot. When the photos were done, I put a Shaker tape seat on it. It’s been stored under cover up in the loft since then.

Dimensions are 17 1/2″ x 14 1/2″; seat height is about 18″
$500 plus shipping



white & red oak, white pine bottom.
approximate dimensions H: 8 1/2″ W: 23 3/8″  D: 13″
$1,050 includes shipping in US.


white & red oak, white pine bottom.
H: 8 1/2″ W: 23 3/8″  D: 13″
$1,050 includes shipping in US.

This pattern is often found on 17th-century work – a surprising amount of detail in small spaces. (the bottom photo shows the detail well…)
Glued & pegged at the corners, bottom nailed on w handmade nails. Handmade hinges as well. A lidded till inside.