June 2017; Spoons, Book & videos for sale

been cleaning up after Greenwood Fest; and have some spoons, books and videos for sale. There’s Paypal buttons for the book & videos; leave a comment if you would like one of the spoons…I’ll send a paypal invoice, etc.

thanks as always, PF


SPOONS – the first few examples here represent a new facet in my spoon carving. I have used carving gouges to decorate the handles, in additon to some chip carving done with knives. These patterns are directly from my furniture work, and I have no idea why it took me so long to add them to spoons. But I’m glad I did. As soon as I did the first one, I knew I was headed in another direction.

The first three spoons here are quite large. I got a bunch of really big cherry crooks, and just let them dictate the size spoons I was carving.

PF June o1 –

large cherry crook #1

L:  14 3/4″  W:  3 1/2″
$125 includes shipping in US.


PF June 02

large cherry crook #2

L:  15 3/8″   W:  3 3/4″
$125 includes shipping in US.



PF June 03

large cherry crook #3

L: 13″  W:  4″
$125 includes shipping in US.


PF June 04 – SOLD

Small cherry crook, from one extreme to another.

L: 5 1/2″   W: 2″
$65 includes shipping in US

PF June 05

Cherry cooking spoon

L:  10 5/8″  W:  2 1`/4″
$85 includes shipping in US


JOINT STOOL BOOK – I have a few copies of the book I co-authored hanging around; “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree: An Introduction to 17th-century Joinery”  (Lost Art Press, 2012)

$43 includes shipping in US.

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DVDs –

A few copies left here (otherwise, all 7 of my DVDs are available from Lie-Nielsen – https://www.lie-nielsen.com/nodes/4243/home-education-videos

I have some of the newest one, Carved Oak Boxes

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and a few 2012’s 17th Century Wainscot Chair

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