Furniture sale, autumn 2015: boxes and misc.

Little boxes, little boxes. Big ones too. and one stool. Here’s the continuation of my “let’s make room in the house” sale. Questions, email me:


this first one is for sale, but not “on” sale – i.e. it’s full price. The desk box I’ve been working on lately.

red & white oak, white pine bottom. 4 drawers inside, 2 tills, with a narrow tray area behind. Handmade “dovetail” hinges. Based on an original from Massachusetts, c. 1670-1700.

H: 11 1/” W: 24 1/4″ D: 15 3/4″

$2.000 plus shipping.

desk box

front view desk box

side view desk box

2 tills 4 drawers


Carved box, oak and pine. SOLD

Just made this last month during a video shoot on boxes for Lie-Nielsen. Wooden hinges; interior till.

H: 7 1/4″  W: 17″ D: 11 3/4″

discounted price is $550 plus shipping.

carved box

till carved box



Another recent carved and painted box – related to one below. Iron oxide (red), yellow ochre and lampblack pigments mixed in linseed oil.

H:  6 1/2″ W: 17″  D: 11″

reduced price $550 plus shipping.

painted box

painted box side



chip carved till side


Non-oak oak box. Made of Alaskan yellow cedar, during my recent trip up there.

H: 7″  W: 16 1/2″   D: 11 1/2″

$550 plus shipping

yellow cedar box

yellow cedar box side


child’s joined stool – SOLD

 all red oak. Linseed oil finish.

H: 16 1/2″ W: 15 1/4″ D: 9 1/2″

was $600, now $550 plus shipping

child's joint stool w scrolled stretchers
child’s joint stool w scrolled stretchers

kid's stool end view—————

Carved and painted box, based on 17th-century examples from Middlesex County Massachusetts. Hand-made, fastened with wooden pins; wooden hinge on lid. Interior compartment, or “till”; oak & pine. Bottom nailed on w handmade iron nails.

H: 6″ W: 15 1/2″ D: 10″

was $600 – now $550 plus shipping

carved oak box


 SOLD  –  Carved and painted white oak box. Based on 17th-century New England examples; wooden pins and wooden hinge. Handmade from a white oak log, with white pine boards for top and bottom. Bottom nailed on with handmade iron nails. Interior till. Linseed oil finish with handmade painted lid and bottom.
H: 7 1/2″ W: 23″ D: 15″

was $750, now $675 plus shipping


SOLD –  This small joined chest is the one I made on the Woodwright’s Shop on PBS with Roy Underhill. Red & white oak and white pine, iron hinges.

H: 20″  W: 30″  D: 17″
$1,800 plus shipping

small chest

inside chest

then there is




5 thoughts on “Furniture sale, autumn 2015: boxes and misc.

  1. If I was talented enough to be featured on the Woodwright’s Shop, I would never be able to sell the chest. I’d want to keep it and pass it on. It’s sad to see that someone as talented as Peter is unable to keep it for lack of space or need of money.

    If it isn’t already too late, someone who has the wherewithal and likes to support the arts should support this craftsman directly by buying it from him and offering to display/store it until he or his children wish they had it back someday. My son plays classical guitar and when he wanted to trade in his first guitar towards a better one, the salesman talked him out of doing so, saying that many musicians wish that they had kept their first guitar as a memento.)

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