furniture for sale, fall 2016…


Moving my stuff from storage and from temporary shop-quarters has resulted in me having too much stuff. My old shop was 16′ x 30′ – the new one is 12′ x 16′. A couple of pieces; the first box here, and the joined stool, have been in the shop for years – then stored for the past 2 1/2 years. They’re sound, but not in new condition. So I am offering them for reduced prices compared to the same item new-made. 


A carved box I’ve had around in my old shop for several years. It’s worn in the usual ways, not broken anywhere, but broken in. Oak with a pine lid & bottom. Till inside. Iron hinges. 

H: 7 1/2″ W: 21″ D: 14″

ON SALE – $500 plus shipping. 






The first few joined stools I made were based on an original stool at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. They commissioned me to make a copy of theirs, and this was my first take on it. It was ready to go to the museum, when I discovered one of the long stretchers was upside-down. Today, I’d go ahead with it that way, but I was new to this then, and made a 2nd stool to go to the MFA. This one stayed with me all these years. I’m putting it on sale because my new shop is considerably smaller than my old one was. So I can use the space…

oak, with painted finish; iron oxide in linseed oil. 

approx H: 22″ W: (seat) 16″ D: (seat) 11 1/2″

$500 plus shipping. 




Over the years, I made a few versions of this box, and a related one. I think they’re a lot of fun, nice combination of painting & carving. This was done as practice for the cupboard I built for the MFA. I couldn’t find a finished photo of this box, the base & molding got a red wash over the black squiggles…

Oak & pine. 

H: 6 1/2″  W:15 1/2″  D: 12″




this last one, a desk box, is for sale, but not “on” sale – i.e. it’s full price. 

red & white oak, white pine bottom. 4 drawers inside, 2 tills, with a narrow tray area behind. Handmade “dovetail” hinges. Based on an original from Massachusetts, c. 1670-1700.

H: 11 1/” W: 24 1/4″ D: 15 3/4″

$2.000 plus shipping.

desk box

front view desk box

side view desk box

2 tills 4 drawers