a few spoons and bowls, late July 2014

A couple of bowls. a few spoons. There will be more of both when I get back from my next trip – mid-August. Leave a comment if you’d like to order one of these; then we can make arrangements via paypal or check. 

Thanks for your support, 



Hewn bowl, #14-02.  – SOLD

Birch. L: 12 3/4″   W: 7 1/2″  H:  4″

$425 includes shipping in the US. 


hewn bowl 14-02

hewn bowl 14-02 w fruit

birch bowl upside down overall

birch bowl upside down detail



Hewn Bowl 14-03, birch. L: 15 1/4″   W: 7 1/2″ H: 3″

$425 includes shipping in US. 

hewn bowl 14-03 empty

hewn bowl 14-03

birch bowl right side up

birch bowl right side up overall 2————————

a few spoons. 

#14-76.   – SOLD


Apple serving spoon. Shaped from a crook where one limb meets another. Flax oil finish, chip-carved decoration on the handle.

L: 12″ W of bowl 3 1/4″

$100 plus $7 shipping in US. 

14-76 crook view

14-76 overall———————-

#14-78 – SOLD   

a small serving or large eating spoon, hand carved from apple-wood. Lots of the dark heartwood showing on this spoon. Chip-carved decoration on the handle. flax oil finish

L: 7 1/2″ W: 2 1/4″

$50 plus $7 shipping in US. 

14-78 overall

14-78 side view



#14-83  A straight-grained serving spoon, made from an apple tree.  Some dark heartwood contrast to the bright sapwood. Flax oil finish,

L: 11 1/2″ W: 2 1/2″

$75 plus $7 shipping in US. 


14-83 side




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