walnut high chair assembly pt next

Well, it’s time to finish a few things, or I will be over-run and have to admit defeat. First off is the walnut high chair. I finished the drawboring and pinning of the frame, and made the seat for it yesterday.  We’ve looked at drawboring before of course, it is critical to this way of … Continue reading walnut high chair assembly pt next

walnut high chair assembly pt 1

I began assembling the walnut high chair the other day. Here I am knocking it together to mark the drawboring. I pinned the rear section together first. These pins fall in a carved molding, so I wanted to trim them with a gouge instead of the usual chisel. Once I got the rear frame assembled, … Continue reading walnut high chair assembly pt 1

walnut high chair & workbenches

The walnut high chair is finally settling down. The pieces I carved yesterday were quartered stock, so behaved better than the rest. The faces of the stiles got shaped first, a sort of double-ogee, then gouge-cut decoration in this face. To cut the shape, I first cut a centerline with the V-tool (and mallet, its … Continue reading walnut high chair & workbenches

walnut high chair carving

Today was the day for carving the high chair’s back panel. I decided on a design that I know well, removing one variable in the project. I didn’t want to learn a new design while carving a new wood too.  The panel is pretty small, about 9” wide by 10” high; so I had to … Continue reading walnut high chair carving

sawn walnut; high chair

Sometimes I use sawn timber in addition to the riven stock I mostly favor. This year I have a few projects that call for sawn stock; first is this walnut high chair I started recently. This stock was supplied by the customer; cut to oversized blanks, surfaced & dried. (well, not in that order…). I … Continue reading sawn walnut; high chair

Chester Cornett chairs

I first saw photos of Chester Cornett’s chairs in Alexander’s Make a Chair from a Tree in 1978; but didn’t know it. For various reasons, some of the chairs in that book are attributed, some are not. There’s three of them in there; here’s one:     Some years later, Drew Langsner showed us a VHS … Continue reading Chester Cornett chairs


At my house, the carved joined stuff is in every room. I have tried many times, and always failed, to count the pieces of furniture in this 4 1/2 room house. You’d be amazed at how much stuff you can cram in here. (I’m in the kitchen right now – 9 pieces of free-standing furniture, … Continue reading Chairs

I almost semi-like this walnut stuff

The walnut situation is getting better…I attribute it to the air-dried stock versus the kiln dried stuff I used on the now-infamous high chair project. https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/kids-chairs/ and https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/walnut-high-chair-assembly-pt-next/ https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/walnut-high-chair-assembly-pt-1/ I started cutting some moldings that are applied to this board chest I’m building. the construction is simple – just four boards nailed together. the front & back boards … Continue reading I almost semi-like this walnut stuff