paring ladder, not shaving horse

Two years ago, I started this blog with a post about shaving horses, and the lack of 17th-century evidence for them. Here is that post: In it, I showed Randle Holme’s “paring ladder” and also a photograph from early 20th-century England showing the same device for drawknife work. Today I stopped down in the … Continue reading paring ladder, not shaving horse

shaving horses again

If  you read Chris Schwarz’ recent post about a possible 17th-century image of a shaving horse Here’s how it came about. When talking with the EAIA crowd last week at Plimoth, part of what I discussed was our research over the years. Way back when, Plimoth had many shaving horses in the 1627 village. I … Continue reading shaving horses again

some seating furniture

Took some photos today. First turn was Daniel’s – shooting some of his recent LEGO builds. Then mine was shooting semi-proper shots of the recent spate of seating furniture. A couple of things come to me as I sorted these photos. Among them is that I actually do have to go have my camera’s sensor … Continue reading some seating furniture

thoughts while working outdoors

Ages ago I was principally a chairmaker and poked around in various bits of green woodworking like basketry, spoon carving and other things centered around riven green wood. Because green wood has always been my starting point, there has always been an outdoors component to my woodworking. Making ladderback chairs, I could pull the shaving … Continue reading thoughts while working outdoors